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Mexico Car Rental | Car Hire in Mexico

Mexico has invested heavily in road infrastructure in recent years. Getting around Mexico by road today is easier and safer than it ever has been. Book a cheap car with Car rental Mexico from 58 USD per week. 

Traffic signs are in Spanish, so before driving in Mexico make an initial orientation on Mexican road signs such as ALTO (stop) or CURVA PELIGROSA (dangerous curve).

Follow below travel tips for a successfull rental.

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Experience the Best of Mexican Vacations with a Car Rental

The Federal republic of Mexico in the US is the thirteenth largest independent nation in the world. It comprises of 31 states with its capital city being the regional economic power.  It is also among the most populous nations of the world with a population of about 113 million people. If you are a cultural tourist, Mexico has 1 UNESCO World Heritage Site making it a top tourist destination. With so much to offer, the country receives over 20 million visitors every year. These are business travelers, eco-tourists, cultural tourists and international travelers.

Learn about historical developments and civilization in Mexico

Mexico has various attractions with a historical attachment. Sites like the Chichen Itza provide a host of information about the archaic and classic periods of history. The Teotihuacan pyramid defines the 5th century pre-Colombian city life. Academic tourists visiting museums in Mexico will learn about the stone tool era from as early as 7000 BCE. Sculptures, masks and art pieces of the pre-classical period show how complex civilizations developed in the region. Learn about the Mexican Revolution and the democratization process from museum exhibitions.

Do you know about Mexico’s beautiful islands?

If you stay in the US, you can drive to the Mexican Islands in the comfort of a car rental for days at affordable rates. Its Islands are among the most visited regions as you will find scenic views, classic accommodation units, resorts, colonial sites and wonderful entertainment. The beautiful land of Mexico has 6000 km2 of Islands within the Pacific.  Did you know that the Guadalupe Islands are located in Mexico? This volcanic Island has a rich colonial heritage of 19th century explorers and hunters. It has amazing marine animals like the Great white sharks among others. This beautiful Island also has a variety of trees, and wild flowers among them palms, cypress and pines.

It also has the Ravillagigedo and Rocas Alijos Islands on location. The Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California link the Islands to the waters.

Diverse ecosystem

Mexico is among the top countries of the world with a diverse ecosystem. The country’s landscape is home to a variety of plant and animal species-as well as insects and birds. Within its forests, you will find reptiles, mammals, and amphibians in great numbers. On average it has over 200,000 species including 2500 protected species. As you tour any of its 34 biosphere reserves, you will agree that this is a paradise enriched with variety of breathtaking sceneries. In order to tour the region conveniently, you need car hire services. One could also get access to cheap car hire agencies online.

Vibrant days and nights

Life in Mexico is fascinating. Day time cultural events ad nature tours are invigorating. A visit to Acapulco Guerrero will leave you awe struck by the natural beauty of the ocean and beaches. Its towns have classic hotels, joints, and rental units for family vacations. These include hot spots for night time entertainment. To help you save on vacations, you get affordable tour offers from tourist companies, air travel agencies and car rental services. Mexico’s ultra modern railways, freeways and airports make it a favorite spot for business travelers and investors. Whether you are attracted by the natural features, indigenous culture or historical sites, Mexico is a place to visit. It has the best facilities, and attractions to satisfy your quest for an exceptional tour.

Car rental tips for Mexico

Tolls and fees

Most of Mexico’s new interstate roads are tolled. The tolls are relatively expensive however, the roads are well maintained, modern four-lane roads which provide a fast, safe and effective way to move around the country.


Mexican speedbumps are know as topes. These are not always indicated and they might feel as brick walls as you pass them unnoticed. Car rental companies regular check under the car for speed bump damage.

Beware of animals

Many roads in Mexico do not have any fenced roads to separate farmland from the road. Its not uncommon to find cattle on the road at night time. This can form dangerous situations as they could be a catalyst for bigger accidents with multiple cars.

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Vehicle Conditions

The attentions that i had were what i expected from the staff very good attentions what if they should improve are the conditions of the vehicles that i have to rent, broken front glass, broken calabera torn, blows in facia back, rayones in helmet, knocks on doors if you hire the insurance is supposedly for the repair of these details because they leave it so is my very particular comment and it was what happened to me mechanically i had no problems best regards

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Great Deal

Great deal, reliable, convenient

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As Expected

Everything was as expected. no surprises.rnrnreturning the vehicle at the cancun airport was a little complicated and the paperwork to finalize the process was handled in an unprofessional way.

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Mexico car rental reviewMexico car rental reviewMexico car rental reviewMexico car rental reviewMexico car rental review


Fox Rental Car

In cancun, fox rental cars does not have enough staff to attend when we arrive by car.rni made a wait of more than an hour and a half, to leave with the rented car.