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Guaymas Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Guaymas Airport

Guaymas Airport Car RentalAn Overview of the Guaymas Sonora Airport

Located 7kms from Guaymas, the Guaymas Sonora international airport is host to domestic and international flights in the region. With a surface area of 1395 meters square, it handles over 120 passengers per hour and it receives over 40,000 passengers every year.

Among the airlines you will find is the Aero Calafia, Aero Servicio Guerrero and US Airways Express. These provide crucial links across Mexico and the US. Find flights to top destinations in the US including New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco. 

Hours of operation

The Guaymas Sonora international airport’s operating hours are between 7 am and 7pm. It is advisable to check your flight information early to avoid disappointments.

What other airports are located near Guaymas Sonora airport?

In case you want to connect to other destinations in the region, nearby airports include:

  • Ciudad Obregon
  • Hermosillo
  •  Los Mochis and
  • Loreto airports

The airports lead to amazing tour and business destinations. You can make early reservations for direct flights and connections. For regular travel to the region, save money by purchasing an advance return ticket. You will also benefit from cheap flights plying the route. Often airlines have offers for all travelers including kids, students, and infant passengers.

What about the weather conditions?

Found in the Sonora desert, the city has a hot and dry climate. Maximum temperatures in June and October strike as high as 50C in summer with a low of 18C.

What is the city of Guaymas Like?

The Guaymas city spots an amazing long beach. It is located five minutes from Miramar and you will notice the numerous fish boats at its coast. It has a major industrial port on the US border and you will notice nearby beaches of San Carlos. In the city, you find historical attractions and landmarks featuring monuments, statues, old buildings and facades.

Its annual carnival celebration by performing artists has various concerts and it resembles the European celebrations. It is held around the lent period with a parade and costume events lasting a couple of days.

Is the destination cosmopolitan?

With a population of over 130,000, the city is highly cosmopolitan. Most of the dwellers are a mixed race of Guaymas ethnicities and European Spanish. Most of these are in the Bahia San Carlos, San Ignacio Rio Muerto and Ortiz communities. For a taste of the cuisine at Guaymas, check out some of the restaurants and joints dotting the area. You will find great places with food costs similar to the US varieties. To get to various communities in Guaymas for unique foods and drinks, use car hire services to get around town.

Transportation in Guaymas airport

Did you know that the popular San Carlos Island is just ten minutes away from Guaymas airport? If you are a tourist and you plan on enjoying white sand beaches and boat cruises, you can hire a car and drive to this destination from Guaymas.  The affordable car rental offers provide cheaper rates for hiring a car for several days. Most tourists visiting Guaymas and its environs contract a convenient car rental operator for their daily transport.

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