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Oaxaca Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Oaxaca Airport

Oaxaca Airport Car RentalOaxaca Airport Guide

The Oaxaca Airport is found in Oaxaca City located in Southwestern Mexico. This airport receives numerous visitors who come for different purposes annually. 

Facilities at the airport

The airport has one terminal with three gates and one waiting area for all flights. At the airport, you will find banking facilities such as ATM machines and so on. All your currency issues will be catered to. The airport is also a hub for other flights that serve other regions in South America and beyond. There are also direct flights from the USA to Oaxaca and back. The airport hosts a number of airlines that have planes ranging from the biggest to simple 50 seat jets for local travelling.

Customer service

The only con in this airport will probably be the language barrier which is not that big of a problem any way. You will find that most of the time that you and the staff can communicate just fine since they understand a number of languages. The airport is not all that large and so it would be very rare for you to lose your luggage. However, if you happen to lose it, you need not worry. Customs and security are the least frustrating. The airport is organized and efficient hence offers quality services to its customers. They do not waste much time on various procedures because the staff is always prepared. Not to mention the currency exchange banks, gift shops, ATM machinery and a beautiful cultural café.


Unfortunately, there isn’t accommodation inside the airport. However, the city is not so far from the airport and you could get a variety of hotels there. There are expensive world class hotels as well as hotels you would be glad to know about if you are working on a tight budget. Some are as cheap as US$7 and most of these offer breakfast. There are also hotels that will offer furnished rooms with a pool and a private patio. Those hotels have higher charges than the others due to the extra facilities and services. When it comes to choosing the hotel to stay, it all depends on your taste and preference.

Travelling to and from the airport

From the airport, it is quite easy to get to the city. There are buses, taxis and rental cars available. The buses are usually packed to capacity and you might find yourself on the capacity side rather than the packed side which would be very unfortunate. The taxis are more reliable compared to the buses. However, you need to be wary for drivers who might want to exploit you since you are new to the place. Therefore, it would be advisable to rent a car. Car rental is by far the most reliable means of employment.

You can hire a car at the airport when you are successfully done with custom checks. Here, you can get internationally car rental companies with wide range of cars from which you can choose. The best part is that, you can also find cheap car hire services if you are operating on a tight budget. Opt for car hire while you are in Oaxaca and travel at your own convenience.

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