How can I get a quotation?
You can get a quotation online on or alternatively you can call us, we will be happy to search the market for you and find the best price possible for your specific requirements.
Where can I check the T&C of the rental on the web site?
When you are making your booking you must confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the rental conditions. If you click on rental conditions at this point your Terms and Conditions of your rental are available for you to view them.
What are the age restrictions for my rental?
Age restrictions are set by car rental agents. This means that for insurance purposes the car rental agent may have a minimum or maximum age of the driver they can rent to. All age restrictions will be in the terms and conditions of each rental. Some companies also have a young or senior driver’s fee for specific age groups
If the mileage is limited, how many km can I do per day and what happens if I do more?
The details of your mileage policy may vary depending on the rental provider and the country of rental, however the information on your mileage policy and charges applicable can be found in the terms and conditions of your rental. If you do go over your allowance mileage you are charged a fee for each additional Kilometre that you exceed.
What is Collision Damage Waiver?
Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver with excess limits the customers financial responsibility for loss or damage of the vehicle to the following amounts, so long as it is not caused by driver/renter negligence, or part of insurance exclusions..
Vehicle Type , car model.
Rentalcargroup.com cannot guarantee a particular model or make of vehicle. The vehicle type shown on your car hire voucher is for guidance only and we reserve the right to substitute the quoted model with another similar vehicle. If for any reason the vehicle supplied is not equivalent to that requested or not suitable due to performance or condition, please inform the local car hire company immediately and Rentalcargroup.com in writing. Rentalcargroup.com cannot accept any liability where this procedure is not followed.
How do I know, if my reservation is confirmed?
All reservations made on the web sites operated by Rentalcargroup.com will receive a temporary confirmation number. This temporary number does not mean that the vehicle is available and is only for admin purposes. Your final reservation confirmation number will be sent to you on your official rental voucher within usually 24 hours unless the local office has delays confirming. Rentalcargroup.com is not responsible for any such delays.
Why do I need to provide flight details when I make a car rental booking
If you are collecting your car at the airport, it is imperative that flight details are provided with your correct outbound flight number and estimated arrival time. If this is not known to you at the time your reservation is made, please ensure that you make contact with our reservations department at least 7 days prior to departure. If we are not provided with the correct flight information within the period stated, no responsibility can be accepted or compensation allowed for a failed rental
What do I need to hire a car?
- A credit card in the name of the main driver with enough funds for the car´s security deposit - Valid Pasport/ID - Full driving license, normally held more than 1 years - Your car rental confirmation voucher
Can I book more than one car at a time?
Unfortunately you cannot book two cars at the same time, as each car booked has it own reservation number. Please be advised if you need to have 2 cars for the same dates and location, you need to make 2 separate reservations and they must be made in the main drivers name and each driver needs to have credit card in his/her name.
Can I rent a car with a provisional driving license?
No, all the car rental agents we work with do not accept provisional driving licenses. You must have a full driving license in order to be able to rent a car.
How can I find the address of the car rental office?
When you are on the website and you enter necessary details, you will see the list of available cars. Before you select the car ,please click on the Company Logo and it will advise you.
How do I choose the car type I wish to rent?
When you enter necessary details on the website, you will see a list of available cars, on the left side of the website you will see filters, which help you to select the car type you are looking for.
Can I pay or book with someone else his or her credit card ?
Please be advised you can only pay the online deposit when the price of rented car is divided into two payments. In order to pay the balance at the local office, the main driver will have to use and present a credit card in his or her name. For full prepayment reservations you will have to use the main drivers credit card to place the booking.
Where can I buy extra insurance to reduce the excess ?
You can buy additional insurance directly with the local agent when you pick up the car and reduce the security deposit. You can also purchase full insurance with Rentalcover.com online during the reservation process. Please be advised this insurance does not reduce nor take off the security deposit blocked on your credit card for the rental period.
When I do a quote it shows no availability. What does it mean?
It means that for the dates and the location you have selected there are unfortunately no cars available. All our car rental agent are sold out.
I called but the phone was off. Should i leave a voice mail message?
In order to help you please leave a voice mail message, if you have a reservation with us please provide the reservation number and we will contact you, as soon as possible. If you do not have reservation with us and you wish to receive more information , please provide your Email address. Thank you
Can I use the vehicle to go abroad?
In order to check this information, please go to Terms for the car you wish to select from our website. Look for Cross Border Travel/ policy and it will advise you. We represent many different car rental agents and each of them can have different terms and conditions.
Can we book an additional driver?
Yes you can do it directly at the local office, when you collect the car. Please be advised the additional driver has to be present when the car gets collected. A valid driving license and identity document is mandatory
What does Meet and Greet pick up mean?
When you see the Meet and Greet pick up service for the car you wish to rent, it means there will be a representative of the car rental Company waiting for you with a board with your name at the arrival hall. In this case there is no Airport office and the flight number is essential.
Can I book a car without a credit card?
No, you need to have credit card to be able to make the booking on our website. Please be advised that the main driver needs to have a credit card in his or her name
Are there extra charges for returning that car at a different location?
Yes, in most cases the car rental agent will charge an extra fee if you wish to return the vehicle at a different location. In the terms and conditions will state if the one way fee is included in the rental price. If the one way charge is not included in the rental price, the one way charge needs to be paid on arrival directly to the car rental agent.
What is Super Collision Damage Waiver and where can it be purchased.
Super Collision Damage Waiver is an extra insurance to reduce the excess/deductible. This insurance can be only purchased on arrival directly at the car rental desk.
What is the cancellation policy?
FREE CANCELLATION of your booking up to 2 days before your rental starts. After this period the below cancellation policy will apply and no refund will be issued. We must receive a cancellation notice a minimum of 48 hrs before vehicle collection. No refund will be given for 'No shows', early returns or voluntary down-grades of booked vehicles. All cancellations should be made on our online portal or via email e-mail to cancel@rentalcargroup.com and not with the car hire agent. Should you agree to cancel directly with the car hire agent on arrival, you must also inform us of this change to your booking. - Amending your booking or cancelling optional extras may not be possible less than 48 hours before pick up. What is a no-show? A no-show occurs for the following reasons: 1 - You didn't inform us about your cancellation prior to your pick up date 2 - You failed to pick up the car at the arranged time and date 3 - You failed to provide the documentation that's required to pick up the car. 4 - You failed to provide a credit card in the main driver's name with enough available funds on it. In the event of any of the above, no refunds will be made to you. The car hire company reserves the right to refuse a car if you fail to arrive on time with all necessary documentation and a credit card with enough available funds for the car's security deposit.
During Rental
What is a security deposit?
Security deposit is an amount blocked on the clients credit card to cover additional expenses/excess fees and is refunded on the safe return of the vehicle.
What do when my flight has a delay?
Customers who fail to take their hire car within half an hour of pick up time will be deemed a 'no-show'. The agents will only hold your vehicle for this length of time without prior notice from yourself. We therefore suggest that, should you know in advance that you are to be delayed, you contact the local office to inform them of this. rentalcargroup.com does not guarantee that your car will remain available to you after this initial half an hour period.
Post Rental
Complaints and Queries
All queries must be made in writing and submitted within 30 days of end of rental. Complaints received after this period will not be considered. As a car rental broker, Rentalcargroup does not have direct access to rental agreements or invoices due to the Data Protection Regulations. Therefore, it is the clients responsibility to obtain one from the car rental company as we will not be able to guarantee that your query will be dealt with if you fail to provide it.
Made Your Booking
My reservation status is ON REQUEST what does this mean?
On Request means that your booking has not been confirmed yet and we are waiting for the confirmation of the local car rental company, as soon as the local car rental agents confirms your booking you will be send a detailed confirmation voucher. We always to get your booking confirmed within 24 hours.
My reservations status is REFUSED what does that mean?
Refused means that unfortunately the local car rental agent could not confirm your booking for the requested dates. However our reservations department will contact you to offer you an alternative car. If you have ready paid a deposit during the reservation and we are not able to secure a vehicle for you, the deposit will be refunded to your credit card.
Can I modify my reservation?
Our reservations team is always trying to help you if you wish to modify your reservation, your can easily contact us by telephone or by email or logging into your booking. We do not charge an administration fee for modifying or amending your reservation, but depending how you wish to modify your reservation, additional cost might occur. For example, if you need to modify the date pickup location, times etc we cannot guarantee the same price as originally quoted as car rental agents changes their prices constantly.
Can I extend an existing booking ?
Unfortunately it is not possible to extend a booking which has been started already. You can make new booking on the website or you could contact the local office where you collected the car from as they might be able to assist you in extending your booking. You will find contact number on your confirmation voucher you have been send.