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Learn More about the Green Costa Rica

Just as the name suggests, Costa Rica is a costal beauty enriched with amazing natural features. Like most of its Latin American counterparts, it borders the Pacific and the Caribbean. The country has an amazing Environmental Performance Index record for its concerns on a clean, greener environment.

What do I expect in Costa Rica?

If you want to understand its huge biodiversity, visit Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park for a selection of wild monkeys, big cats and rare species. In this part of the world, you find over 700 bird species. At the park, you will be among the lucky tourists to have seen the 2 crocodilians.  Animal lovers will find variety of animal species within the Tortuguero National Park. Insects, turtles, birds, reptiles, the list is endless.

If you prefer to learn about the unique plants, then you must visit the Montverde cloud Forest Reserve. This has all the beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds that you can imagine. What’s more, you also find small and large mammals. The Institute nacional de Biodiversidad is an important institution for biological and medical research. In Costa Rica, you experience the magic of endangered species like the fastest running lizard, the iguana, giant turtles, and sloths.

Fun Activities

Everybody loves a clean fresh environment to play in. Costa Rica’s exceptional environment is ideal for outdoor activities, adventure and expeditions. While tourists visit to enjoy the spectacular sights and views; sportsmen and women prefer Costa Rica as the ultimate destination for their favorite sport. It has the best locations for hiking, seas sports, water sports, football, swimming, surfing, diving, and more. All you have to do is find the ideal, safe location and hire a car to drive there. Visitors travelling in groups or teams will find convenient vans and shuttles buses from the car rental service providers.  

If you want to have more fun apart from the sporting activities, consider camping in Costa Rica’s exclusive camp sites. Playa naranjo and Santa Rosa National Parks provide convenient locations for all those who want to do camping. Sightseeing is also another great activity. Visit the spectacular waterfalls and swimming holes at Las Hornillas. Institutions tour the hot springs area with geysers for a wonderful time.

What of a tour to the caves? Barra Honda Caverns made of limestone make excellent sites for exploration. You can also pay them a visit and see the beauty of nature. In order to explore these areas fully, you have to make use of car hire services rather than using taxis or buses.

Discover the Great Coastlines of Costa Rica with a Rental Car

The Costa Rican coast has fresh air; great climate, ocean breeze, sandy beaches and elegant palm trees which are all inviting. Besides the spectacular view, you find popular joints and Caribbean cultural villages. Enjoy the wonderful Costa Rican music as you sample the coastal delicacies of spicy sea fresh foods, coconut curries and spiced bread.

To compliment your tours, consider visiting the Wilson Botanical Gardens of Las Cruces. To get to this southern region, you can use car rental services from any part of Costa Rica. This is perfect if you are on a romantic tour. Children will also love nature trips by boat. The country has numerous tributaries with beautiful landscapes for photography and nature walks.

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