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Japan Tour and Car Hire Guide

Japan is an island country in the eastern part of Asia. If you have never visited this great country, you ought to visit it and see all the great attractions it offers. Japan is a big country that has a lot to offer for business travelers or people who are just visiting it for leisure.

Why should I go to Japan?
  • You will leave with great and memorable experiences.
  • You will get to find out how life is in another nation besides your own.
  • You might get great memento for your family or friends.
  • You can learn to make great Japanese food.
  • You will make great friends.
What are the restaurants in Japan?
  • La’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

This restaurant is located in Tokyo. Cuisines offered in this restaurant include French, Spanish and also Italian cuisines. If you are visiting this hotel for the very first time, then you should look at the discovery menu.

  • Restaurant de Joel Robuchon

This restaurant was constructed to conform to the traditions of the eighteenth century. On the second floor of this restaurant, guests can sample the mouthwatering signatures of robuchon like the caviar jelly with cauliflower cream; it is one to die for.

  • Vinoteca restaurant

This is one of the hottest restaurants in Tokyo. It offers open-air dining overlooking the private grounds of Tokyo. This restaurant makes Italian cuisine and the food here is great.

How can I move around Japan?

There are several means of transportation that you can use in Japan.

Public Transport

You can make use of taxi services to move around this great country. However, taxis are not the best option since their fares cost much more than the other means of transport.

You can also use buses transportation to move around Japan. Here, you have a choice between two types of buses; local buses and the highway buses. The local buses offer transportation within towns and cities. Local buses are seen as a secondary transport option to trains. The highland buses are used for long distance transportation as they connect various town and cities in Japan.

Car Hire

The best transport means to use is a car rental. Car hire is a great choice for people who are planning to visit the rural parts of Japan where public transportation is not readily available. Car rental in Japan also gives you the chance to visit the different places of the country at your own pace. There are several car hire agencies at the airport, and you can get car rental agencies all over the cities and towns in Japan. You can make online advance booking. This will help you compare the different car rental rates from different car hire companies in Japan and settle for the best deal. There are also several car hire companies in Japan that offer cheap car hire services.

What do I need to be able to rent a car in Japan?

So as to get car hire services in Japan, you need a Japanese driver’s license or an international permit. If you are a German, Swiss or French citizen then a legal translation of your country’s driving license is acceptable. Remember you must be of the age of eighteen and above to be eligible for car hire services.

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