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Misawa Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Misawa Airport

Misawa Airport Car RentalMisawa Airport Tour Guide  

Misawa is an airport that is located in Misawa, that is a city in the Misawsa , Aomori region, Japan. The airport serves the military and public airport as well is owned by the Misawa Air Base.

Hotels near Misawa Airport

There are a number of hotels near this airport; some of these are listed: Hotel Route Inn Misawa; Hotel Route Inn Towada; Comfort Hotel Hachinoe; Hotel Jal City Hachinoe; and the Hotel Route Inn Honhachinoe Ekimae.

Attractions in Misawa

When you are in Misawa, there are a number of attractions that you can visit; some of these attractions are listed below:

Misawa Aviation and Science Museum: This is a museum that has a number of science exhibits, aircraft dating to a past age, and all the attractions that you would expect from a museum; Lake Ogawara;Misawa city Shiminnomori Park: This is a place that is ideal for those individuals who like the beauty of trees, and open spaces. These are but some of the handful of attractions that this city offers those who come calling through.


When you land at Misawa airport, there are three options that you have with regards to transport. Foremost, you could get a taxi, second, you could hire a car from the numerous car hire vendors stationed at the airport, and lastly you could connect with a train from the city of Misawa.

Taxi services can be booked online, or one can simply request for a taxi that is stationed outside the terminal. In the same vein you could connect to any part of Japan via the train shuttle service that has a railway that passes through the town of Misawa.  There are no direct bus shuttle services that operate passing through this route but some hotels offers a bus shuttle service from the airport to hotels for their guests.

The most convenient way to get around the city of Misawa is via a leased automobile. There are a number of car rental facilities whose rates vary from premium rates to ‘cheap’ rates thanks to the existence of cheap car hire firms in the car hire business. Ordinarily your service charge will touch on matters sales tax, petrol fee, and the purchase of an insurance product. Most of these car hire firms will have the option of online booking but you can still make payment via any of the car hire vendors that do exist at the airport.

What can I see in during my tour?

Once you have settled matters logistics, the next thing is to try and enjoy sights and sounds that are offered by this town. These sights and sounds include modern day shopping centers and malls where you can carry out light shopping, restaurants that serve meals of both International as well as Asian cuisines, and a vast number of attractions. This modern city has international banking services, modern healthcare infrastructure, and a vibrant culture –facilities that a global citizen definitely holds dear. Whether you are passing through or putting up your roots in this society, this is a city that you do well to explore.

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