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Kushiro Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Kushiro Airport

Kushiro Airport Car RentalKushiro Airport

Kushiro Airport is a modern plush airport situated about 17 miles away from downtown Kushiro. With direct flights to many destinations in and around Japan, Kushiro Airport is a delightful place with a myriad of amenities in place for travellers. Though you can take pleasure in the various coffee shops, parlours, and duty free shops that abound Kushiro airport, we recommend doing downtown and savouring the various sites in the city and vicinity of Kushiro. Car hire can be arranged at the airport upon arrival or alternatively, booking car rental in advance can be sure you get the best deal possible on your choice of vehicle.

Downtown Kushiro is a place worth visiting. It is probably the only city in the world where people are pastoral in their culture, tradition and lifestyle. You have sparse public transport and cobblestone pavements making for ideal walks around the city. There are commercial hideouts with people bustling about every day, but in its heart, Kushiro still behaves like a small-town hamlet.

The Kushiro City Museum is known for its erratic designs and wonderful displays housed within. The location of the Museum is beautiful with the Lake Harutori on its boundary and a hillock in the backdrop. There is a wealth of information in the Museum, available through guided tours. You can gain valuable insight on both the natural history and the culture of the place.

Like every Fisherman’s Wharf in the world, the one at Kushiro is also a huge chaotic marketplace with the noise levels temporarily causing you discomfort if you’re just back from the natural retreats of the place. There is the Nusamai Bridge, which is a breath-taking structure in the vicinity, decorated with street lights and lamps, and giving you a sense of aura. You ought to bargain your way through the shops and collect a few souvenirs to take back home with you from Kushiro.

The highest vantage point in the city, the Kushiro City Marsh Observatory is a place from where you get imposing views of the elegant Kushiro skyline and the beautiful forests in the midst. You can delve into the wetlands through the various trails and hiking pathways that are available in plenty near the Observatory. A picnic in this area is a great time to explore the verdant countryside that surround Kushiro. The fact that the pastoral milieu is home to many dormant volcanoes and hot springs is another reason to visit the place.

With a view to preserving the natural resources and forests of the Kushiro area, the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park was created by the State. The premier attractions in the national park include bird watching, hiking, trekking and trailing. Ornithologists and bird watchers thrive in the National Park area looking out for glimpses of the endemic Japanese Crane and other exotic species.

With a wealth of natural and cosmopolitan delights, Kushiro is indeed, worth a visit.

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Kushiro Airport car rental reviewKushiro Airport car rental reviewKushiro Airport car rental reviewKushiro Airport car rental review


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