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Asahikawa Car Rental | Car Hire in Asahikawa

Asahikawa Car RentalThe Exclusive Asahikawa Airport Japan

Located in Hokaido Japan, Asahikawa airport is a second class airport serving Japan, Asahikawa and Hokaido domestic flights. The airport hosts seasonal flights like the Shanghai Pudong of East China. It also has regular flights by Japan Airlnines, Hokaido Air System and Air Naipon.

How is the weather pattern at Asahikawa Airport?

The airport is in a humid continental climate with cold, snowy winters. If you want to experience the winter fun in the city, visit between December and March. The city often has an extraordinary amount of thick snow ideal for winter activities. Among the airport facilities, you will find a gift shop and duty free store. You will find shops selling sports items featuring surfing and skiing gear for your use in Ashaikawa skiing resorts.

How far is the Airport from Japan’s main cities?

If you are travelling by air, Ashaikawa airport is just over one and half hours from Tokyo, two hours from Osaka and less than an hour trip from Kushiro and Hakodate.

What places can you tour from Asahikawa Airport?

For 3,500 yen, you can grab a taxi to the beautiful sites in Ashaikawa city. The Asahiyama zoo is located at a 30 minutes distance from the port. To get to long distance locations like Hakodate, you would need a train. Among the tourist cities to visit, is the Biei which has amazing places for sightseeing. Biei has great scenic views for photographic collections. Getting to Biei entails a 24km journey that would take you about 30 minutes drive by a car rental service. Using a car rental gives you an opportunity to take amazing photos across the landscapes.

From the airport, you can get quick bus transportation to the Ashaikawa zoo. You could use a bus at a fare of 35 Yen or simply opt for a car rental offered at affordable rates. When you are travelling as a family, you will need a spacious vehicle-probably a van or SUV. These cars offered by the numerous car hire agencies come in a wide variety you can select from.

How often does the bus service operate to and from the airport?

After every one hour, buses destined to Furano station leave the airport. For as little as 750 Yen, you can get to the city in an hour’s time. You can check for the regular bus schedules at the airport in order to avoid missing your bus. Buses are popular since they offer cheap fares and they operate within the tourist attractions. If you have an international driver’s license, a self drive tour to the mountains and shopping malls will give you an amazing tour of Ashaikawa. You will find interesting Japanese gift items at Kaimono Koen Street.

Where can you find accommodation at the airport?

Some of the great hotels you will find close to Ashaikawa airport include the Terminal Hotel near the Asahiama Zoo, hotel Leopalace and Hotel Route Inn that offers bed and breakfast services. If you are a business traveler, there are hotels offering exclusive business services, guest parking for your car rental and quality air-conditioned rooms.

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