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Kitakyusyu Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Kitakyusyu Airport

Kitakyusyu Airport Car RentalKitakyusyu airport guide

Airport profile

The Kitakyusyu airport or Kitakyushu airport became operational in the year 2006. It is located in Kokuraminami-ku in Kitakyushu, Japan. The Kitakyushu airport is amongst the few airports in Japan that operate 24hours a day.

What are the arrival procedures at the Kitakyushu airport?

The arrival procedures for domestic and international flights are different.

For domestic flights, it will take 20 minutes at most to complete the arrival procedures. Once you are at the luggage claiming area, you have to claim your luggage from the carousel displaying the number of your flight. Once you have your luggage, you need to cross check using the receipt number.

Once you are done picking your luggage, you can make your way to the arrival lobby where you can sample the sweet Japanese food from the dining  area or you can enjoy a footbath to relax after a long flight before you head off to you r preferred destination.

For international flights, it will take not more than half an hour to go through necessary procedures.

Before you alight from the plane, you will be supplied with quarantine questionnaire that you have to fill. You will take the filled out form to a quarantine counter in the arrival lobby. Once you are of the plane, you will head to the immigration area where you have to avail your passport to the immigration office.

Once cleared with immigration, you need to proceed to the luggage claim area where you will claim your baggage following your flight number that will be displayed on the carousel, using your receipt. Once you are done with these areas, you can proceed to customs inspection area and then to the arrival lobby.

What facilities are available at the Kitakyushu airport?

The airport offers quite a variety of facilities for passengers. These facilities are:

  • Restaurants – the KAISAI dining restaurant and the YAMAGOYA restaurant in third floor where you can enjoy a wide range of international and Japanese delicacies.
  • Airport shops – the BLUE SKY, located in the 2nd floor. You can purchase gifts and souvenirs to take back home. The IZUTSUYA also located in the second floor stocks just about everything you would need while at an airport.
  • Facilities for relaxing – an airport massage parlor, where you can have a body massage or a footbath and ease the tension of the trip.
  • Entertainment spots – you can head to the observation desk and enjoy a beautiful view of the airport. You can also enjoy the beautiful Nissan motor exhibit for the latest Nissan models.
  • Car rental facilities - there are car rental agencies situated at the Kitakyusyu airport’s first floor.
Kitakyushu airport’s Car hire information

There are several international as well as local car hire companies located at the Kitakyushu airport. Since you are in Japan, you will have the privilege of selecting from a wide range of Japan made car rental options. If you are in search of a way to save money on car hire while in Japan, you can simply book for a car rental in advance from the numerous car hire agencies at the Kitakyusyu airport.

You will find multiple car hire agents on the internet where you can make your advance booking. When you rent a car from the Kitakyusyu airport, you will be guaranteed freedom as well as mobility to facilitate your stay in Japan. Whether you are in Japan for leisure or business, you are sure to get the car rental to suit your needs from the Kitakyusyu airport.

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