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Osaka Kansai Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Osaka Kansai Airport

Osaka Kansai Airport Car RentalOsaka Kansai Airport Car Rental

Kansai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Japan. It is located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay. More than 14 million passengers pass through the airport each year, among which approximately 10.4 million were international passengers and approximately 3.7 million were domestic passengers. It serves the city of Osaka, which is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and a major tourist destination. Among the facilities offered at Osaka Kansai airport are car rental outlets, perfect for those who want to travel to their own schedule while staying in the area.  

Osaka is also one of the major commercial centres of the country. You will find the headquarters of many large corporations here. Major tourist attractions of Osaka include Osaka Castle, the Osaka Science Museum, the Osaka Museum of History, the Umeda Sky Building, the Sumiyoshi Shrine, Shitennōji Temple, the Open Air Museum of Old Farmhouses, Peace Osaka, Kaiyukan, the Tenpozan Ferris Wheel and countless others. There are also a number of hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars and pubs here. With so much to see and do car hire makes a great deal of sense and is perfect for those who are travelling with a family too.

Osaka Castle is the best known attraction of the city and there are others close by. You will find Naniwa Palace Site Park and Osaka Castle Park here. The Osaka Science Museum is a great place to visit with family and there are plenty of exhibits for the children to enjoy. This beautiful place is well known for its planetarium and cinema. The Osaka Museum of History tells of the history and culture of the city. The Umeda Sky Building is a 40-storey, 173-metre building, which offers a stunning view of the whole area from its viewing platform. You can also enjoy a good meal in its restaurants. Sumiyoshi Shrine is one of the oldest shrines of Japan and should be high on the agenda of any tourist.

Shitennōji Temple, built in 593 AD by Emperor Suiko, is also a beautiful place to visit in the city. Alternatively, Peace Osaka is a beautiful museum dedicated to the promotion of peace in the region and around the world. Kaiyukan boasts of being one of the largest aquariums in the world and is home to a number of aquatic creatures including sharks, dolphins, seals and many others. Tenpozan Ferris Wheel and Universal Studios Japan are just two of the fun attractions in the city which are great for families. 

Car rental is a cost effective travel option and can be easily arranged in advance before leaving home so that the vehicle is ready and waiting when the plane lands.

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