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Nagoya Chubu Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Nagoya Chubu Airport

Nagoya Chubu Airport Car RentalNagoya Chubu International Airport Guide

Chubu International Airport is also referred to as central Japan International Airport. It serves the region of Nagoya and its environs. This airport is located southern of Nagoya, on a man made island on the Japanese Isle Bay. The airport is named after the neighboring Chubu region. Chubu airport is classified as a first class airstrip by the Japanese government. Nagoya Chubu International Airport is Japan’s third largest offshore airport after Kansai and Nagasaki Airports.

Can I find a Hotel at the Airport?

There is only one hotel available at the airport, and it is situated next to the airport’s terminal. It is a top quality hotel that caters for the needs of all types of travelers. Well, you need to note that food and drinks are very expensive at the airport.

How is ground transportation from the airport?

There is a train from the airport, that’s operated by the Nagoya Railroad. It is possible to use the high-speed trains heading for far off destinations. Buses are scheduled to leave the airport at intervals, to various other destinations. If you would like to travel by sea, there are three high speed ferries that link the airport to the Western side of Isle bay. One of these ferries connects to the Tsu passenger Terminal.

There is a toll road that links Centrair with the mainland, meaning you can rent a car at the airport and drive to the mainland. There is a wide range of car rental companies that provide tourists with cheap car hire services, meaning getting a car is not going to be a challenge. Taxis are still available, but compared to car rental, taxis are a bit expensive. Additionally, you can tour as many destinations as you want with car hire. Private cars are also available to take you wherever you would like to go, but you should expect to pay higher for them.

What about currency exchange at the airport?

Nagoya Chubu International Airport is a Japanese airport, meaning you have to change your currency to Japanese Yen. While there are many currency exchange facilities at the airport, it is not the best idea to exchange your currency here. This is because the exchange rates tend to be higher at the airport.

The official language spoken at the airport is Japanese. However, car rental companies, currency exchange bureaus among other services providers usually have staff who can speak several other languages.

Are there tourist destinations in Chubu?

Chubu is centrally located in Japan’s island of Honshu, and it boasts of plenty of tourist attractions including Mount Fuji. Aichi Prefecture is in this region, and it is well known for being the home of the renowned Toyota Company. The Inuyama castle that is considered Japan’s oldest castle is also in Aichi Prefecture.

Being an Island, there are plenty of water sports you can indulge in like surfing, snorkeling, swimming, among other things. If you do not fancy water sports, you can simply bask on the clean sands at the numerous beaches in Chubu.

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