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Komatsu Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Komatsu Airport

Komatsu Airport Car RentalKomatsu International Airport Tour Guide

Komatsu International is an airport in Japan. Located in the city of Komatsu, Ishakawa county; this airport serves the Southern and Northern regions including the capital(s) Kanazawa and Fukui respectively. This airport operates as both a public and military facility, and it is operated by the Ishakawa state.

Hotels near the Airport
  • The Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Dormy Inn Kanazawa: This is a hotel that is next to the Kanazawa Station. The cost of putting up here for a single night is $ 77 per individual;
  • Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyo: Located near the centre of Kanazawa, this cost of putting up in this facility will cost you up to $ 109 per individual;
  • Nikko Kanazawa Hotel: Located at the front of the Kanazawa station, this hotel is regarded as one of the very best in this prefecture, putting up at this facility will cost you some $ 117 per night.
How to get around Kanazawa

There are three basic modes that you can use to get around Kanazawa, these are listed below:

  • By train: The train will typically be used when you are shuttling from one county to another. For instance when you want to make a trip from Kanazawa to Tokyo, then you need to take a daytime train. The time it takes from Kanazawa to Tokyo ranges between three to four hours.
  • By Bus: The Bus service is the second way that you can shuttle from or within Kanazawa. From Kanazawa to Tokyo, the trip will take about 8 hours by bus. If you are travelling within Kanazawa with a bus, then you are likely to use the bus company that is operated by the local Hoketsu Bus and Train Company. There is also a shuttle service for tourists that is run by the Kanazawa Loop Bus. This operator shuttles tourists to all the tour destinations that are located within this region.  
  • Car Hire: This is the third way by which an individual can travel within Kanazawa from this airport. The airport passenger terminal (S) has a number of car hire service providers who offer these services at competitive rates. These car rental facilities cross list their rates with those of their competitors. The end result of this is that you have a number of cheap car hire offers being extended to the client. Typically, the rates levied will be inclusive of taxes, and an insurance product that you purchase. For ease of convenience, you need to book online to enjoy the discounts.
Places to visit in Kanazawa

The main attraction in the city of Kanazawa is the Castle Park. All other attractions within the city are located within a radius of some two kilometers from the national park. Art galleries, museums (a history Museum, a crafts museum, and a 21st century museum), an arboretum, and a cultural market, are all available for you to sample.  This is a city with a rich cultural heritage, and whether you are passing through or are putting up here for awhile ensure that you enjoy Kanazawa.

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