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Sendai Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport Car RentalSendai Airport Guide

This is an airport that is located about 13.6b km on the south eastern side of Sendai station. Sendai is in Japan. It mostly handles domestic airlines and some international airlines as well.

Is there accommodation at the airport?

There is no accommodation currently at the airport. However, there are plenty of hotels located within the airport’s vicinity which have lavish amenities and have reasonable rates for their customers. Below are some of the hotels that you can find from the airport.

  • Mielparque Sendai hotel
  • Hotel Green Mark
  • Chisun Hotel Sendai
  • Sendai Kokusai Hotel
What transportation options are available at the airport?

The most convenient mode of transport is car hire. This is because it comes with cheaper rates and provides the most convenient mode of travel around the area. Naturally, when guests arrive at the airport, they would want to look for a mode of transport that is most convenient for them. There are taxis that are available at cheap rates from the airport to your destination.

 Car rental is by far the most convenient mode of transport from the airport. With car rental, you are at liberty to move around at your own leisure and pace. You do not have to stick to someone else’s schedule.

What should I expect upon check in?

If you are taking a domestic flight, you are required to arrive at least an hour before the departure. This will ensure that you have enough time to find a parking space if you are driving yourself to the airport and to go through the security checks.

You should also expect to produce your documents such as passports and passport and without them, you are not allowed out or in the destination.

An airline can cancel your reservation if you are not there on time and they are not held responsible for that.

What can I do as I await my flight?

You can utilize the free Wi-Fi at the airport and browse for the places that you will travel to once you are done with the procedures. You can also utilize this opportunity to book a hotel at your destination or to look for a legitimate car hire agency that you will use once you arrive.

You could also check in to one of the duty free shops that are within the airport’s terminal. You may find something that impresses you. Alternatively, you can check in to one of the cafés for something. If you drink, there is an airport bar where you can enjoy a beer.

What attractions can I visit at Sendai?

The following are some of the places that you can visit when you are in Sendai:

  • You can visit some of their religious sites such as the Rinnoji temple or the Osaki Hachiman shrine
  • They have interesting historic sites that you can visit such as the Sendai castle
  • You can enjoy a few relaxing days at the popular Akiu Onsen resort.
  • If you want to shop for Japanese artifacts, you can do so at the Sendai morning market.

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