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Tokyo Haneda Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Tokyo Haneda Airport

Tokyo Haneda Airport Car RentalAll about Tokyo Haneda Airport Meet and Greet

Tokyo Haneda Airport is located in Ota, Tokyo 14km from Tokyo station. This airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. In fact, it is the fifth busiest airport worldwide. Most of the domestic flights go through this airport if not all. However, there are also international flights that make a stop at Haneda Airport. It also has a reputation of being the most time conscious airport in the world.

Facilities available

 The airport has three terminals two of which are mainly for local flights and one for international flights. At the international terminal, there are all facilities you might need to use while at the airport such as the currency exchange bureaus, banks, shops and many others. A new runway was completed sometime in 2010 enabling the airport to handle more flights. This brings the number of passengers through the airport close to 60 million per year. There are gift shops, cafes and restaurants within the airport terminals and are always open from morning to 10pm in the evening. Therefore, even when you arrive late, you can still have access to their services.

Customer services

As mentioned before, this airport is the most punctual airport world wide. This means that they observe time and so should you otherwise; you might miss your flight if you delay. The employees are very friendly and always willing to offer assistance when called upon without major delays. Luggage is rarely lost in this airport as busy as it may be. In case you lose something, there is a department that was set up to address cases of lost items. Haneda Airport, being an international airport, makes it very easy for those who do not understand the Japanese language to go about their business without any difficult as the signs are written in both English and Japanese. The staff members also understand a couple of languages to assist various passengers who pass through the airport. There are also interpreters in the airport who you could hire if you need their services.   


The Excel Hotel Tokyo is located within the airport grounds. This would be very convenient if you are taking an early morning or a late night flight. The hotel has great facilities for its visitors. Better still, you could take a bus or shuttle to other hotels that are just near the airport with remarkable services as well.


To get to mid-town Tokyo from the airport, you could travel by bus, taxi, car hire or even train. All these services are found at the airport. Taxis can be quite expensive especially if you want to travel to a far off destination. For convenience, you might want to consider car rental services. The best part is that you could also get cheap car hire services at the airport that can perfectly suit your budget. Car hire gives you the freedom to get around the region at your own pace and at any time of the day. Considering that some of the big car manufacturing brands are found in Japan, you can be assured to get a car that perfectly fits your needs. In fact, it is infamous for car manufacture worldwide; this means that the car hire companies are not only numerous, but also have competitive prices and packages. Car hire in Japan is your most convenient option.

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