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Dominican Republic Travel Information

The Dominican Republic is one of the two Islands located in the Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is Caribbean’s second largest nation by population and area. It covers approximately 49,000sqkm with a population of not less than 10 million inhabitants. The capital city of Dominican republic is Santo Domingo.  

What is there to see in Dominican Republic?

It being one of the largest Islands in the Caribbean, it is with no doubt that the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer. You will get to learn something about the culture and history of the people of Dominican Republic.  Dominican Republic has numerous amazing beaches where sun lovers will have a memorable time. The capital city of the island serves as a historical city. You can also visit other historical cities such as the Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, and the gorgeous Samana Peninsula. The must see sites include:

  • the Lago Enriquillo natural reserve
  • the beach area of Playa del Macao
  • the Nuestra Senora basilica which is a historical church
  • the famous Parque Nacional del Este – a national park
  • the spectacular mountain, Mount Isabel de Torres

What accommodation choices do I have in the Dominican Republic?

While in the Dominican Republic, you will be spilt for choice in terms of accommodation options. You have a selection that varies from luxury to simple hotels and resorts. You can choose to stay in an all inclusive resort or you can stay in self catering facilities that are plenty all over the island to suit all budgets and tastes.

What foods and drinks can be found in the Dominican Republic?

The food in the Dominican Republic mainly comprise of Caribbean cuisines. This means that you will have the chance to indulge in plenty of sea food, rice, tropical fruits and beans. You will love the way this meals are made, you simply cannot have enough of the Caribbean cuisine.

You can wash down your meals with beer or rum or the traditional mama Juana which is a blend of herbs and bark that have been soaked in red wine, rum and honey.

What transportation services are there in Dominican Republic?

The transportation system in Dominican Republic is quite economical and efficient. You can choose from car rental, bus service, and taxi service.

It is possible to rent a car and this is the best way to explore the most of the island. The advantage of car hire is the fact that you will be able to access most places that are inaccessible by other transportation means. When you rent a car, ensure you go for a 4wheel drive car as some parts of the island, especial the remote areas have poor road network.

When you rent a car in the dominical republic, you need to remember that driving is always on the right hand side. It is easy to rent a car in the Dominican Republic mainly due to the large number of car hire services on the island. You can also rent a car at the airports upon arrival. The car rental companies in dominical republic are blend of local and international companies. It is also possible to get cheap car hire in Dominican Republic for those who do not want to spend so much on car rental. Rent a car and explore the Dominican republic in style.

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