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St. Croix
; The Perfect Getaway

This is an Island in the Caribbean Sea and a county in the US Virgin Islands as well. If you have decided to visit this wonderful island then there’s a lot to look forward to. This island, which happens to be the biggest island amongst the US Virgin Islands, offers a peaceful tropical destination for people who are visiting it for fun, for honeymooners and also for business. The island is filled with cultural variety and a rich history.

What Attractions Are There In St. Croix?
  • Whim Plantation Museum. When you stroll around this museum, you can get an overview of the rich history of this island. The museum is situated on one of 300 plantations that once drove the economy in this island. The museum shows life on a sugar farm. The wonderful sugar farm is a museum that has historical work of arts, photos and antiques. You can visit the wonderful house, the servant’s quarters and a lot more other places in this museum.
  • Heritage Trail. The heritage trail traverses the whole island pointing out the unique sites, churches, historical buildings and many others. If you are the kind of person who loves history, nature and culture, then a heritage trail map will let you explore the trail at your own pace.
  • St.George’s Botanical Gardens.The gardens are planted on just 16 acres having about 1000 species of local and foreign shrubs and trees as well. Visiting the Gardens gives you a chance to experience a wonderful combination of fauna, flora and history.
  • Cruzan Rum factory. The Cruzan Rum has been made at the factory for about 300 years. Visiting the Cruzan gives you the chance to know how rum is made. You also learn how to distinguish between gold rum and white rum.
Car hire and Public Transport in St. Croix

There are several modes of transportation that you can use to move around this island. You can move around by public transportation, taxis or car rental. The best way to explore the great island is by car rental. You can get car rental companies all round this island. Alternatively, you can hire a car once you arrive as there are a number of car rental companies at the airport. The car rental companies give you the chance to select the type of car that suits your needs perfectly. It is also possible to get cheap car hire services from different car hire companies.

Remember, although convenient, renting a car has its ramifications in terms of cost and repercussions in case of an accident.

Where can I stay once I am in St. Croix?

The Buccaneer Hotel. This hotel offers luxury and exclusiveness on a historic estate property. Some of the services the Buccaneer hotel offers include a meeting room, restaurants, a beach fitness center a parking and a spa.

Arawak Bay. This hotel has got 14 rooms which are beautifully decorated and they offer sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea and other nearby islands. Some of the services offered include balconies, parking and complimentary breakfast.

Carrington Inn.This inn is situated on the outside of Christiansted with poolside rooms and great views. Some of the facilities offered are freshwater pool and a parking.

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, St. Croix is the ideal location for this, and what better way to explore this beautiful island than in a self-drive car for hire.

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