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Tour Cambodia guide

The kingdom of Cambodia is located in the southeast of Asia. Cambodia is inhabited by over 14 million people, and this makes it the world’s 68th most populous nation. The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh and is also the country’s largest city.

How do I get into Cambodia?

All visitors, excluding those from a few countries in Asia will require a visa to visit Cambodia. It is possible to get a visa from a Cambodian embassy in you country. The main entry points to Cambodia are the two major international airports; the Phnom Penh international airport and the Siem Reap international airport. There are direct flights from and to these airports from most continents around the world. It is also possible to enter Cambodia by road and boat from the neighboring states.

Where can I stay while in Cambodia?

There are many places one can stay while in Cambodia. It is possible to get accommodation in the major towns and rural areas like Kampong Chhnang where tourists do not frequent. You can get luxury hotels as well as affordable hotels and guest houses all over Cambodia. The prices of these guest houses are fairly low, but they depend on the facilities you want availed.

Where do I eat in Cambodia?

The Cambodian cuisine is something worth trying out. It is tasty and very affordable, even to people living on a holiday budget. The staple foods here   are rice and noodles. You will find most food with black pepper, as opposed to the Asian famous chili pepper. The Cambodian cuisine is mostly influences by Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, but you will notice a strong sourness to Cambodian food as the people of Cambodia prefer it. You can try out the prahok dish which is fish paste mostly used in Cambodian foods. You need to try the mouth watering amok traditional Cambodian meal.

You can wash down your tasty Cambodian meals with the various soft drinks available like coconut milk and iced coffee, or with Cambodian beer.

What activities can one enjoy in Cambodia?
  • You can enjoy the beach in Sihanoukville as you bask in the sun.
  • You can go for swims or enjoy watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing.
  • One can tour the various temples In Angkor located near Siem Reap. One can also enjoy boat parties in the capital.
  • You can also enjoy shopping from the heritage watch shopping places. You can buy Cambodian artifacts to take back home.

There are numerous activities you can take part in like golfing, horseback riding, visiting the casinos, enjoy performed arts in the theatres and even enjoy helicopter rides. There is so much in store when you arrive in Cambodia.

Which is the best transportation option, public transport, rent a car?

In order to explore Cambodia to the full, it is advisable to rent a car. Car hire rates in Cambodia are very reasonable, and they come with great pick up and car drop off options. It is even possible to rent a car from the airports; this is made possible by the car hire companies situated there.

When you rent a car in Cambodia, you will avoid the congested buses and trains, and you will explore Cambodia at your own pace and convenience. There are many world class and local car rental agencies in Cambodia and you will not lack a few cheap car hire options if you are on a budget.

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