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The republic of Angola is an African state situated in the south of Africa and its capital is Luanda. Angola is a state endowed with many natural resources, including diamonds and oil.

How do I get into Angola?

All visitors to Angola require applying for a visa in advance in order to gain access to the country. You cannot obtain a visa after arrival.  The only reliable way to enter Angola is by plane with the Luanda 4 de Fevereiro Airport being the main entry point. There are flights scheduled to Angola from a number of countries. Angola is also accessible by car through Namibia.

What is there to see and do by car rental in Angola?

Angola offers a number of beautiful beaches in the capital’s Mussulo Island. Here, you can take part in fun filled watersport activities. Angola also has quite a number of national parks to visit like the Kissama National Park and the Luanda National Park among others. The cities of Angola also have a lot to offer tourists and you can also visit the various heritage sites where you get the chance to learn about Angola’s origin and culture. There are music and cultural activities that take place often in Angola where you indulge in traditional Angola music and dance.

You cannot leave Angola without visiting the ancient Sao Miguel fort which was used as an administrative centre in the colonial era and also served as a slave outlet to Brazil. Also, make sure to take part in bungee jumping in various places in Angola.

What Is The Best Means Of Transport In Angola?

While Angola is still a developing state, it has a lot to offer. In order to explore the treasures hidden in Angola to the full, it is important that you consider car rental. It is possible to book your car rental in advance from various car hire sites on the internet. Car hire in Angola presents the best chance to access areas buses and taxis will not access. Moreover, you get to tour Angola at your own time and pace.

It is worth noting that, the road network in Angola is not the best so when you decide to rent a car, ensure that it is a 4 wheel drive car to have an easier time. It is possible to get cheap car hire in Angola; they are also listed on the internet. You can also rent a car in Luanda after arrival as there are a number of car hire companies in the city.

What Hotel Facilities Are There In Angola?

There are housing options in Angola to meet all budgets and tastes. You can select from luxurious world class hotels like the Alvalde Hotel, Tropic Hotel, the Continental Hotel, as well as the Palm Beach hotel and others. It is also possible to get affordable accommodation in Angola.

What Food Is Available In Angola?

The Angolan cuisine is something to try out. The traditional meals revolve around fish, spicy stews and cassava products. Seafood in Angola is plenty and is made in a way you will enjoy having. If you want to have tasty lobster, you can visit the coastal areas where you get it straight from the sea. You can also take the tropical fruits of Angola. The beach restaurants are the best places to go for great Angolan meals.

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