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Luanda Car Rental | Rent a car Luanda

Luanda Car RentalLuanda 4 De Fevereiro Airport Information

Luanda is bursting with a 3.5 million population and you can feel the burst.  With bustling pavements, chock-a-block streets and a quite memorable smell, your first impression may not be the same as the impression you leave with, once you have had a chance to truly appreciate the culture and elegance that Luanda has to offer.

Getting a car rental at Luanda 4 De Feveiro Airport

You can hire a car to travel around but please remember that you cannot get a taxi from the Luanda 4 De Fevereiro Airport, so you will need to arrange to be collected or have your own transport ready for collection when you arrive. Car rental is perhaps the most convenient mode of transport in the area.

Places to explore by car rental in Luanda

Taking advantage of cost effective car hire also means you can see the amazing sights of the area at your own pace. Luanda has a coastline that stretches for miles so you can fish, relax or get involved in a range of water sports.  There is also a Game Park in the south of Luanda, called Kissama.  You can choose to stay overnight and go exploring during the day.  You might be able to spot an elephant or see a whole host of animals.

You could also go on a boat trip to Mussulo located in the South or go 4 x 4ing.  There is also the Beneficia Market to capture your imagination and find lots of interesting and unique arts and craft items from.

Luanda is a good place to walk around if you don’t mind getting involved in the hustle and bustle of the day.  The fair weather from March through to August is an excellent time to visit Luanda as it is a comfortable heat to be out in.   If you want a beach holiday and would like to spend time relaxing on the sandy shore, the best time to visit is from September through to February.  The Angolan Festival is also in full swing during September and is a spectacular sight to witness and to also be involved in.  During this time tour guides are in abundance and there are many extra activities to capture your imagination.

Safety in Luanda

It is worth noting that Luanda, at times, can be considered an unsafe place to venture, so it is worth being vigilant and to discuss in detail with your travel agent before you travel out so you are fully aware if there is anything you need to be careful of.  However, like any place, as long as you take the appropriate precautions you should have a fabulous time and have the opportunity to have a real adventure.

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