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Mozambique is a small coral island in sub-Saharan Africa. Its neighbors include; Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia and Tanzania. Its capital city is Maputo and it has ten other provinces in its interior locations. This is a tropical region and the best time to travel in the hot summer season is between April to September. You could travel to its coast, mountain side or the amazing low land plateaus.

It has a rich Portuguese colonial history. It was colonized by Portugal hence its official language is Portuguese. With a population of over 23 million people, the country is enriched with natural resources. From its historical attractions, you get a lot from natural attractions in a tropical climate.

Cultural attractions

The people of Mozambique are a blend of Bantu migrations from the West and North of Africa. These have interesting cultural practices depicted in their folklore. Learn about the Swahili, Makhuwa and Sena ethnic groups of Mozambique. To get to the native areas of Nampula, Tete, Gaza, or Sofala, you need a reliable mode of transport which is car rental. You can visit the historic town of Inhambane for a collection of colonial buildings. A tour to the Ilha de Mozambique completes your quest for historical adventures in the region.

You will find intricacies in the traditional mode of dressing and masks by the Makua. Every tourist must have a taste of the Mozambique cuisine featuring cassava, cashew nuts, and maize meal.

The country has a number of museums including the National Art Museum, natural History Museum, and the Museum of the Revolution. If you are looking for a landmark in the country, the Praca dos Trabalhadores by Gustave Eiffel is one spectacular design. Get to the location at affordable rates with a cheap car hire services.

Mozambique ports were popular for Arab traders and Far East traders. From the old towns of Mozambique, you will get details of trading along the Indian Ocean, slave trade in Africa, Vasco da Gama Voyage in the region and the Portuguese colonization.  Enjoy boat rides in traditional sail boats at the coast.

Natural features

Try enjoying the nature tours inside a car hire van. The island has an exceptional coastline for scuba diving, sailing and beach activities. The Maputo sites include its harbor which is crucial for commercial activities. You cannot miss the infamous Tofo beach filled with a vibrant daytime and night life. The Baixa district, Vilanculos, Catembe, and Ponta d’ouro have an extraordinary beach life and sand dunes. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, coral reef, sandy beaches, sea divers, seafood and marine features. You will find the largest fish varieties in the world around these regions.

Inland Mozambique has five rivers including the popular Zambezi and Ruvuma rivers. Within its northern region, you will also find four lakes; the Niassa, Chiuta, Shirwa and Lake Cahora Bassa. These have locations for unique safari tours.

Find interesting landscape in the hills and low plateaus like the Makonde plateau. The beautiful miombo woodlands and highlands like the Niassa and Angonia will compliment your tour. As you travel around the various regions, save money by using quality vehicles from cheap car hire companies which you can get at the airport.

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