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Indonesia tour and car rental guide

Indonesia is a country that has many islands which is one of the reasons you ought to visit Indonesia. Some of the greatest islands in Indonesia include Sumatra, Sulawesi and java. There are also many other places you can visit while in Indonesia. Normally, tourists go to well known places like Lombork, Yogyakarta, and Bali among other places.

Why should I go to Indonesia?

  • Friendly locals.
  • Indonesia is culturally diversified.
  • The nature in this country is simply beautiful.
  • The cost is not expensive.

Where can I stay in Indonesia?

Atlet Century Park Hotel

The hotel is found in Jakarta’s lively central business district. The hotel has great green parks around it that are adored by tourists. It has 475 rooms and suites for visitors’ comfort and convenience.

Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta

This hotel is found at the center of Jakarta’s economic district. You can access the hotel from the National museum, and the Ancol Dream Land. The hotel has well-selected rooms, facilities such as air conditioner, a mini bar, voice mail and cable TV. Dining options in this hotel include onsite restaurants that offer French, Japanese, Asian and also Lebanese foods. You can also get drinks from the hotel bar.

Melis Bali Villas & Spa Resort

This resort is found in the Nusa Dua on the southern part of Bali. It offers great accommodation with fashionably designed rooms to ensure you get relaxing sleep after your tiresome trip.

What are the means of transportation in Indonesia?

Public Transport in Indonesia

The main means of transportation in Indonesia includes buses, taxis, trains and car rental. Buses in this country are major between the different cities. The bus fare in Indonesia is lower compared to other transportation means in this country. However, there are many risks associated with bus service, like pick pockets. It is quite hard to board buses on busy hours.

The major towns and cities in Indonesia are connected by trains. Some trains are normally dingy and full of passengers.

Taxis are very common in Indonesia. Because of the hot weather in Indonesia, most taxis are air conditioned. At times, the taxi drivers do not use the taxi meter when driving. This leads to a nasty confrontation with the passengers because they charge more, especially to tourists.

Car hire in Indonesia

Therefore, the best way to tour around Indonesia is by car rental. You can get car rental agencies from the airports upon arrival, and you can also get the car rental agencies in various towns and cities, in Indonesia. You can also book for a car rental in advance. This way, you can compare different car rental rates from different car hire companies. It is also possible to get cheap car hire services from different Indonesian car hire companies.

What places do I need to visit in Indonesia?


This city is home to around four million people. It has a great climate throughout the year and is rich in natural resources. The climate here makes it an ideal destination for tourists used to varying seasons.

Prambanan Temple

This temple is one of the biggest Hindu temples in the southern part of Asia. It has three major shrines which are committed to three gods; Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. Tourists love visiting this place due to the sites of the three shrines which can be viewed from a distance.

Rent a car and explore Indonesia.

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