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Samoa: The Navigators Island

Officially referred to as the independent republic of Samoa, the island was previously known as Western Samoa. This was due to the fact that it encompasses the Western part of the island of Samoa. The Island, in years past, was referred to as Navigators Island because of the sea diving capabilities of the residents.  The term ‘navigator’s island’ was used by European explorers in before the 20th century. The capital of Samoa Island is Apia, and the official languages are English and Samoan. The island comprises of a series of islands with the principal island being Upolu and Savai’i.

Samoa in figures

A picture of Samoa given in figures looks something like this:

  • 685: this is the countries calling code.
  • 1962:  this is the year that this state was granted independence by New Zealand.
  • 2,831: this is the total land cover that the island covers in kilometers square.
  • 194,320: this is the total human population on this island as per the official 2012 estimates.
  • $ 1 Billion: this is the country’s GDP. This works out to $5, 965 per capita incomes for the individuals in this state.

Things to do in Samoa

Cultural history: Lovers of cultural history will find in Samoa a rich treasure trove of cultural history. The culture of the people is a lesson that you might not want to miss out on. The land is also littered with historical sites such as ancient cathedrals. For the lovers of architectural history, this is definitely a place that you want to be.

Tourism: Tourism accounts for almost 25% of the GDP of Samoa’s economy and has been steadily growing. Samoa offers a wide range of attractions, and this is why it is such a popular tourist destination. From deep sea diving, to snorkeling, and from bird watching, to sun bathing this are the activities that Samoa has in store. You cannot miss visiting zoos et al. You can expect the whole package when it comes to tourist attractions in Samoa. The industry is professionally run, and you can link up with the myriad of tour operators popular in this field.

Public transport and Car hire in Samoa

The country has an International airport; the Falelo International Airport which acts as the main entry point to the island. There are also a number of airstrips within the territory.

Transport within the region is by means of automobile. To be able to get a car to explore Samoa, your best bet lies in leasing one from a car hire firm. Car rental services are professionally run, and thus, you can be assured that you are going to get the best car rental for

your tour. The rates vary from premium rates to cheap car hire rates. You can get cheap car hire from a number of car hire companies in the island. Professionalism is the buzz word in the car hire industry in Samoa.  So, when you are in Samoa on holiday, business purposes, or even for some activity designed to change the world, talk to a car hire firm and see Samoa’s beauty at your own comfort.

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