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Tourists Attractions

Located in South Asia, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan stands as the sixth most populous nation of the world. With 180 million people, the country is Islamic. The Muslims in Pakistan are from the east and west of India. Its neighbors include China, Afghanistan and Iran.

Anyone visiting Pakistan will appreciate its diverse cultural background. In the country, you will find ancient cultural history from Neolithic Mehrgarh, the Bronze Age Indus Civilization, Persian invasion, Islamic and Sikh settlements among others.

Its diverse geographical features act as a source of natural resources including various attractions for tourists.

Why should you tour Pakistan?

Did you know that Pakistan is situated at the cross roads of South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia? Every year, the country receives numerous tourists visiting for recreation, cultural tours, ecotourism, and business deals. These are from across all borders of the world. You will find all kinds of races, religious and ethnic backgrounds among the travelers. Pakistan is a modern culturally diverse country.

Nature tours and Car hire in Pakistan

Pakistan is an eco-friendly country. Its national tree is the cedrus deodora a type of cypress. It also has a national animal the Markhor-a type of antelope.  As an eco-tourist, you can use the cheap car hire services to travel across its geographical terrain. Tour the high mountains, hills, coastal plains, forests, and deserts.

Some of the wonderful trees you will view include; the coniferous alpine and subalpines. You will find scenic views for amazing photos around cedars in the mountain ranges. In the northern highlands, you find an amazing combination of wild life species within the Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Pamir mountains. If you are a mountaineer or adventurous tourist, drive there in car rental for your hiking and camping expeditions.

Its Balochistan Plateau on the western sides offers you amazing scenic views of the landscapes including forests and grasslands. Enjoy viewing the mulberry, acacia and eucalypts forests. In the region, you will also find the Thar Desert. Within the coastal south of Pakistan, you experience arid conditions. It is ideal to visit the coast in March to May when the weather is hot and dry. Enjoy splendid activities along the beaches with beautiful palm trees on location. Towards the southern coast, there are massive mangroves for unique views.

The Indus River region of Pakistan has a great environment for water activities like fishing. You will marvel at its tributaries flowing into the Arabian Sea. You will find amazing bird species for bird watching activities. There are crows, sparrows, hawks and eagle varieties. The region often hosts migratory birds’ from Europe, Central Asia and India. Tourists use car rental services to visit the Pakistani national Parks and Reserves, a wide ecosystem with wild animals like desert cats and wild boars.

Cultural Visits

When you hire a car for Pakistan tours, you can take time to enjoy its ethnic varieties. Marvel at the Kalash people in their costumes among other activities. You could purchase the Shalwar Kameesz traditional dress for your souvenirs. With a car rental, you can drive yourself to the northwest for Pakistani music festivals featuring the Rubab musical instrument.

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