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Karachi Car RentalQuaid E Azam International Airport

The Quaid E Azam International Airport, formally called the Jinnah International Airport, is the prime air terminal for Karachi in Pakistan. The airport has plush modern amenities that are highly sophisticated but retain the Islamic flavour in their construction and maintenance. The airport is well known for the exotic restaurants and lounge parlours in its midst, but we recommend traveling to downtown Karachi if you’ve got time on your hands between connecting flights and car hire can be arranged quickly and easily in the terminal.

The suburbs of Karachi include colonial buildings with Anglo-Indian architecture, museums, Mausoleums, Tombs and myriad other avenues for sightseeing. First time visitors are advised to go to the Quaid E Azam Mausoleum and admire the gigantic tomb there; travel down to the Karachi Museum, and view the rare and exotic exhibits; the PIA Planetarium with Observatories and shows at the auditoriums; and the gardens and promenades that adorn the city. You can feast on gourmet meat cuisine in Pakistan with a lot of spices and seasoning lacing every meal.

Unknown to many, Pakistan also has a huge coastline with exotic and unexplored beaches. You can visit the Port Grand, a harbour in Karachi that is always bustling with people selling their ware, or shipping products via the huge ocean liners decked in the gang way. The Port Grand is primarily a commercial area with an exotic ocean view that enthrals the tourists who happen to visit the place. Occasionally, there are sound and light shows staged too.

Though there are many beaches in Karachi, tourists prefer the Hawke’s Bay Beach to look at the turtles that happen to breed there during specific times of the year. The presence of wetlands in close proximity to the beach is also a huge delight. Apart from that, you can swim in the shallow waters of the beach and surf to your heart’s content. The Hawke’s Beach is not particular about clothing and you can sunbathe wearing a swimsuit.

Situated off the Karachi coast, the Minora Islands are a wonderful place to visit if you have the time to spare. The Island has many places of interest, including the ruins of a 9th century temple and coral reefs that abound near the ocean depths. You can charter yachts, boats and ferries that take you to several other delights such as Oyster Rocks, Bundle Islands and others for an ideal day out in the ocean.

There are many cultural galleries and imposing structures in Karachi that are reminiscent of the British Raj, during the pre-Independence period. Karachi, celebrated for its rich traditions and ethnicity, is also emerging fast as a bankable economy and place of interest. A vacation in Karachi will be one of the biggest highlights of your life.

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