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Exclusive Serenity at Mayotte

Mayotte is a French overseas region in Northern Mozambique Channel. It is on the northwest of Madagascar and is the oldest of the Comoro Islands. This territory comprises of a main island, smaller island and several islets in the Indian Ocean. It has a small population of about 200,000 people. This is a beautiful island with amazing beach scenery and spectacular landscape views. Its coast is surrounded by a coral reef. Within its land area, you will find a Mount Benara-a volcanic rock. Mamoudzou is its largest city among its 17 regions.  

Moving around Mayotte by Car Rental

Any visitor arriving at the sea side of Mamoudzou will marvel at the ocean scene. However, to find accommodation, food and have fun, you need to learn a little bit of the Mayotte lifestyle. Islam is its main religion and you will find a combination of Comorian communities from Arabic, African and Malagasy communities. If you are operating on a budget, you need not worry since you can get cheap car hire services from the numerous car rental agencies in the region. You could learn basic French words from your dictionary for easy communication.  Its native languages include the Shiamore, Kibushi and kiantalaotsi.

As a tourist travelling in Mayotte, you need a vehicle since the island has neither railways nor waterways. In the comfort of a car rental, you will enjoy spectacular locations at your own convenience. The region has ports and harbors for cargo and ships. International tourists often jet in via the only airport- the Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International airport.

Things to do in Mayotte

As you arrive at the Pamadzi airport, you will find reliable services at the airport. Quick transport from the competitive car hire services offers excellent rides across the territory. The country is a hot spot for cultural tourists. You will enjoy archeological sites and massive lagoons at its coast. Learn about the history of the Comoros islands from its oldest territory.

The area is surrounded by crystal clear waters with perfect day and night views. The coastal area is popular for sightseeing and you will find unique marine life including turtles and fish varieties. It is an ideal romantic location for couples.

Unwind in the Serenity of Mayotte’s atmosphere

Its serene atmosphere is different from the congested city life. If you are looking for a calm place to unwind and refresh yourself, Mayotte is a perfect destination.  Its small island the Petite-Terre at Pamadzi is an amazing sight for you to visit with your loved one. Enjoy spectacular views of the sunset and sunrise in a unique environment. Its mountain region of Choungui, and Mtsapere offer exclusive tourist resorts. Its Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake is perfect for group tours.

Travel and Car hire Ideas

Every vacation needs prior planning. If you are a smart tourist make early reservations for your trip. In Mayotte, you can book your hotels and travel vehicle online. There are numerous tour agents to guide you. To save on time, search for cheap car hire services, top hotels and resorts in Mayotte, then find your perfect flight to the dream destination. There are airports all over Comoros to connect you to Mayotte.

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