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Greenland Travel and Car Hire Information

The country of Greenland is an independent state located inside the kingdom of Denmark. It is the world’s least populated independent state with a population that does not exceed 57,000 people. It is also the largest Island in the world by area.

How do I enter Greenland?

In order to gain access to Greenland, visitors who do not require Denmark visas are also free to visit Greenland for a period not exceeding 90days. All visitors to Greenland will require a passport valid for at least 3 months from the day of entry. States that require visas have to obtain a visa for Greenland as Schengen visas are not valid for Greenland.

The main entry points by air are the Sondrestrom airport and the Narsarsuaq which are the airports in Greenland that accept large aircrafts. Greenland is also accessible by cruise ships from North America and Europe.

 What transport choices are there in Greenland? 

The only transportation option in Greenland is by plane and marine. This is because railway and road networks connecting towns in Greenland are non existent. This means that it is impossible to rent a car in Greenland. The road system on Greenland is currently under construction and soon enough it will be possible to tour Greenland by car rental. This is due to the fact that car hire is the most convenient way to fully explore any given country.

What attractions are there in Greenland?   

Greenland has so much to offer people touring there. You can see the superb glaciers and icebergs like the beautiful llulissat icefjord. Greenland also has an array of animals you can see like whales, walruses, seals, reindeers, musk oxen as well as polar bears.

You will get the chance to view the midnight sun for a few weeks in summer and the remaining weeks will give you the chance to view the sun dipping under the horizon for a little while every night and the sky never gets completely dark during this time. This is a beautiful spectacle to behold.

Greenland is popular for its hiking adventures as you can hike anywhere you so please. This is because property ownership in Greenland is non existent leaving you room to explore. You will find beautiful spots that are at times untouched before. Other activities famous in Greenland are kayaking, dog sled driving and mountain climbing.

Where do I stay in Greenland?

Greenland offer accommodation to meet different travelers’ needs. You can choose to stay at five start hotels like the hotel arctic, hotel Hvide Falke, and hotel Hans Egede. There are more affordable options like the seaman’s home hotel which has a chain of hotels distributed in major towns in Greenland.

Where do I eat in Greenland?  

There are numerous hotels in Greenland that offer foods common in other parts of the world like Europe and America. It is also possible to get local food from the local market places in various towns. Most of the restaurants in Greenland will blend traditional Greenlandic cuisines like whales, shrimps, muskox and even reindeer with foods that are familiar to most people.

When you decide to eat Thai cuisine, you should expect to get whale meat the same way you will find caribou in any Chinese restaurant in Greenland. The town of Nuuk offers a number of burger joints as well as a number of luxury restaurants like Nipisa where you can be sure to find local foods.

You can wash down your meal with the local Greenlandic coffee which is made from a blend of whisky, grand Marnier and kahlua. You can get the finest blend from Sukhumvit restaurant as well.

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