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Unlimited Tours of Slovakia

The Slovakian Republic has an old communist history. This is a high income advanced economy with over 5million people. Besides having a beautiful landscape, there are numerous tourist attractions in Slovakia. It is home to great sites in Europe and the world featuring:

  • The biggest wooden altar in the world
  • The largest castle complex in Europe
  • One of the oldest continuously producing companies (Kemnica Mint)
  • One of the oldest parks
  • One of the biggest ice caves in Europe
  • The only aragonite cave in Europe
  • The highest situated botanic garden in Central Europe
  • The longest wooden bridge in Europe

Home to the Carpathian Mountains it hosts the High Tatras popular for skiing. This is the highest point in Slovakia and the symbolic Mount Krivan. It is a tourist hot spot due to its scenic views of lakes and valleys.    

Wonderful weather for tours

The capital city Bratislava experiences hot and cold seasons. The cosmopolitan city has the best hotels, restaurants and joints for your entertainment. For the best in theatres, operas, symphonies, and world class facilities, this is your hot spot.   Its hottest months have an average of 20 °C while the cold seasons get as low as −3 °C. The weather in Košice city is also similar. Poprad and Silac cities experience lower temperatures in the summer and winter. This is similar to the basins of Slovakia. Finally, Orava and Spis have annual average temperatures at less than 5 °C.

Tour companies have rendezvous offers for tourists to travel from the Western parts of Slovakia to the East. Such tours cover all kinds of terrain and cultural attractions. You get to see the scenic views of the valleys, and you enjoy spectacular views of the mountains. This kind of visit gives you the best of the country as you visit mines, ancient forests, historical sites, ice caves, mountains and countryside cultures.

Every year, there are different kinds of events and festivals. In May to November tourists throng the Dixieland Festival in Banská Bystrica. This is a time for interesting music festivals like the International Jazz Festival in the capital city. You will also get entertained by the Festivals in Castles, Film festivals, Wine and Cheese festivals, and Traditional Festivities.

Public Transport and Car Hire in Slovakia

Transportation in Slovakia is affordable and reliable. There is quality private and public transport for all kinds of visitors. If you are travelling from other corners of the world, you will find flights from across Europe. As you arrive at the airports there are airport transfers like taxis and car hire for you. Many tourists prefer to make online reservations for affordable car rental services. These are found in the cheap car hire slots with small and large cars. What’s more, you can connect to the neighboring countries of Italy, Austria, and Hungary. This could be via train or airports. Its modern rail transport provides daily connections from the capital Bratislava and Italy’s Vienna, Budapest and Prague. Visitors who prefer to travel in private car hire vehicles enjoy the benefits of unlimited travel. The cheap car hire services are affordable for family and group transportation.

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Always A Good Deal But Beware Added Extras At Time Of Picking Up Car!

I have always had a good deal from rentalcargroup but do note the extras that are charged by the car rental companys at the time of picking up the car (these are listed by rentalcargroup). they are charged and do change the overall cost of the car rental

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Slovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental review


My Experience With Rental Car Group

I had an excellent experience.rnthe car was great .we had no problems. it was very comfortable and spacious.rnbest regards,rn arik.

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Slovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental reviewSlovakia car rental review


Very Good

Except that, when i checked out the car, no body to check if it was okey or not,rni hope i won't have (bad) surprisesrnotherwise , super