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Kosice Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Kosice Airport

Kosice airport car rental

Kosice, the second largest city in Slovakia, has one of the most vibrant histories in the world, thanks to the Hungarians, the Turks, the Romans and the Slovaks ruling the terrain from time to time. With humid summers and chilly winters, the balmy climate in Kosice throughout the year makes it a perfect holiday destination no matter which month you chose to pay it a visit. There are plenty of cultural and cosmopolitan landmarks in the city waiting to be explored.  The airport is fairly small and offers mainly seasonal flights, but facilities there include car rental outlets.

Very rarely do you get to see a cathedral which is majestic in appearance and is thronged by more natives than tourists. The Cathedral of St. Elizabeth is set in the heart of Kosice and is the largest church in the area.  It is also an architectural marvel if the intricate carvings on the interior walls and the splendid artistic exteriors are considered. The lawns around the Cathedral are great for picnics and strolls after you are finished with your tour.

Though Kosice has some of the best palaces in Slovakia, with many of them converted into official buildings Jacab’s Palace is the finest palatial mansion in the city. The stones that were discarded during the erection of the Cathedral were used to build the Palace, one of the most robust structures in Kosice today. The lavish interiors are truly luxurious and the well manicured gardens around the Palace are a delight. Overall, the influences of the Gothic culture are evident in the making of the beautiful Jacab’s Palace and car hire makes it easier to reach attractions such as this.

The East Slovakia Museum is a modest building in Kosice that is famous for its splendid display of more than 3000 gold coins of the highest quality which were produced locally. In addition, there are a few masterpieces, relics and important commercial seals kept on display in the high-security rooms of the museum.

When the entire city of Kosice was uprooted to delve deep into the bowels of the earth and unlock the secrets of the bygone era civilizations during the 1990s, historians and archaeologists were surprised to note that beneath the Kosice city, was hidden a labyrinthine network of streets, granaries, houses, settlements and production houses where weapons, food, tools and toys were produced in plenty. This excavation site is christened the Lower Gate and is considered one of the most exciting places to visit in Kosice.

Do not while away all your time in downtown Kosice; there are treasures waiting to be seen in the lush environs that surround the city. The Tantra Mountains is one of the most popular weekend retreats while in Kosice, and there are hiking, trailing, trekking and caravanning trips available on request.  Car rental is a must if you want to travel this far.

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