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Escape to Saudi Arabia and get a car rental

Saudi Arabia stands as the second largest of the Arab countries. It borders Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain. It is surrounded by the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. It has a unique absolute monarchy leadership and is the second largest oil producing country. With a population of over 28 million, it has a rich cultural heritage. It was home to the Ottoman Empire and is significant to the Islamic culture.

Did you know that the Quran is the official constitution of Saudi Arabia?

Every Islamic tourist would love to visit Prophet Mohammed’s home town Mecca.  In fact, the annual Islamic Pilgrimage brings millions of Islamic tourists to Mecca and Medina for religious festivals. If you would like to understand the Islamic culture, and laws, Saudi Arabia is a perfect destination. While in Mecca, take a look at the Al-Masjid al Haram- the largest mosque in the world. Within the mosque are the popular Kaaba and Black Stone. These have significance to Islamic festivals and rituals.

Islam has an interesting judicial system that attracts academic tourists to the region. You will find students of the Islamic religion, legal scholars as well as researchers touring its historical sites. Among the attractions is the Deera Square in central Riyadh which is the location for ‘beheadings’. Learn about the Sharia law modes of punishments including amputation, lashing and beheading.

Home to the largest sandy desert

Saudi Arabia is a desert. The Arabian Desert is filled with wadis, basins and oases. Apart from the desert scenery, you will also enjoy wild life. Find all kinds of animals including hyenas, baboons, jerboas, sand rats, gazelles, leopards and the oryx. You will find large and small animals as well as bird species.

Learn about the venomous reptiles, desert camels, goats, and donkeys of the region. As you ride along the desert terrain, notice the date palm and desert shrubs. You can easily get to these places with a hired car from one of the numerous car rental services in town. This will ensure that you get a perfect vehicle suitable for the desert conditions. There are numerous cheap car hire dealers in Saudi.  

Family outings in Riyadh

Animal lovers can visit the Riyadh Zoo for great expeditions. If you are travelling as a family, consider the effective costs of cheap car hire offers for such events. Group travel discounts from competitive car hire companies enable you to enjoy family outings in comfort. Another major attraction for adults and children is the Riyadh National Museum.

 Other attractions in Saudi Arabia include:

  • The Jeddah fountain
  • Al Balad shopping center
  • Masmek Citadel and
  • Coniche in Al Khobar

Travel and car hire tips

Saudi Arabia is a great destination for Muslims and non Muslims. You could visit for cultural reasons, business or vacations. You will find reliable and affordable tourist services such as car rental, hotels and tour services. There are various Arabian flights to the country though most visitors prefer the Saudi Arabian Airlines. The country has world class facilities including the Hilton hotel and top rated resorts.

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