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Riyadh Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Riyadh Airport

Riyadh Airport Car RentalRiyadh Airport Terminal 2 Guide

King Khalid international Airport lies 35 km north of Saudi Arabia’s city of Riyadh. The airport boasts of a total of 4 terminals, but it is only three of them that are in use. It has eight aero-bridges, a parking area that can accommodate 11,600 vehicles, a mosque, and a royal terminal among many other unique features. The airport remains among the world’s airports with large ground area.

What is so special about the airport’s terminal 2?

Terminal 2 is reserved for the international flights for NAS Air, Air France and Saudia. However, the terminals connect to one another via three linking buildings. The buildings are 168 meters tall. All terminals are triangular in shape.

Can I rent a car from terminal 2?

The complex boasts of plenty of facilities for the comfort of the traveler. Not only can you find car rental companies at terminal 2, but you can also find airlines offices, restaurants, hotels, taxi counters, commercial shops and first aid clinics, among many other things. It is important that you understand that you can not drive on Saudi Arabian public roads as a woman, neither can you be a passenger with a man who is not a close family member unless you are in a taxi.

What about parking?

There is plenty of parking space available right in front of the airport’s terminal 2. The good thing is that the parking lots are on either side of the airport’s mosque. It is not going to be difficult getting a park, if you have hired a car from the many cheap car hire companies available at the terminal, and you would like to get into the mosque. Additionally, your car is always safe.

Can I exchange currency at the terminal?

The terminal has banks as well as other currency exchange outlets. The official currency used in Saudi Arabia is known as Saudi Arabian Riyal. If you want to rent a car, pay a taxi or other services, you need to have some Riyals with you. There are ATM machines at terminal 2 too.

How is public transport like from terminal 2?

Taxis remain the sole public transport means from the airport, whatever terminal you are at. Additionally, they are always paid for in advance. It is only taxis that have the airport logo that are reliable, and are available round the clock. They always have meters, and travelers are always advised to ensure they hire a taxi with a meter. If possible, just rent a car since it is the most convenient travel means.

What do I expect Riyadh as a tourist?

There is plenty to see in the city of Riyadh. However, sightseeing can be one frustrating experience since it calls for careful timing. This is because most of the destinations are closed during prayer hours and weekends. However, many of the sites open till 9 pm hence it is possible to stay out till late. Some top destinations include;

  • Masmak Fortress
  • National Museum
  • Murrabba Palace
  • Kingdom Center
  • Wadi Hanifa among many others.

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