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Urban Tourism in Paraguay Cities

Paraguay is strategically placed in the center of Latin America. This is a former Spanish colony with a mixed race population. Among its inhabitants are the Guarani and some indigenous groups. It has the Eastern and western regions. The country sits on a grassy, hilly terrain with forests and marshy plains. This is a subtropical zone with wet and dry seasons. You can visit Paraguay at any time of the year since, there is always something to entertain and mesmerize visitors.

Paraguay Cities

Paraguay is a landlocked country and some of its largest cities include; Asuncion (the capital city) Ciuda del Este and San Lorenzo. Its cities and towns provide plenty of attractions for all its visitors. Business travelers searching for the ideal region for their ventures will have a worthwhile experience in the urban centers. Eco tourists also have wonderful views and picturesque sites in different locations.

Car Hire and Travel information for Asuncion

The capital city Asuncion is the home of crucial government offices, cultural centers and business sites. It is an industrial and commercial city with an old history.  With a population of over 6 million inhabitants within the city and its environs, it is a center of attraction. It has an attractive natural environment characterized by hills, parks and a beautiful vegetation cover. This is a subtropical region with great summers for your enjoyment. The town offers modern facilities in its institutions and it has an exemplary service industry for tourists. If you are a private tourist, you will find top hotels, joints and reliable car rental agencies for transportation.

Car Rental and Travel tips for Ciudad Del Este

This second largest city of Paraguay is enriched with amazing natural attractions featuring; spectacular water falls; the Iguassu, Saltos del Monday, and Las Cataratas. The attractions provide exceptional views and crossing the Friendship Bridge within the falls is an experience of a life time. The city also has a hydroelectric plant.  This is the best town for nature lovers and for sightseeing. The Scientific Monument in the city provides a serene environment. Tourists can have fun in the outskirts and downtown Ciudad del Este.

Travel and Car hire tips for San Lorenzo

Business tourists will find the city of San Lorenzo a huge resource. It is the third largest city in Paraguay and it hosts significant institutions and cultural buildings. It has beautiful church buildings and a cool green environment. For a unique experience with tourist joints, hotels and resorts, visit San Lorenzo. All these places can be better accessed by use of car hire services.

Car hire and Travel information for Antigua

Generally, Paraguay has so much to offer. Other towns like Antigua have highland features crucial for biodiversity. Every year, tourists tour the Pacaya volcano for spectacular views. Eco tourists will benefit from the amazing scenic views. Antigua also has churches and cultural sites for its tourists. To move around the western highlands region, you need car hire services and if you really do not want to spend a lot of money on transport, you can get cheap car services.

If you are visiting for the first time, find out about the land, water and air transportation modes. You will be thrilled to learn about affordable public transport and private car rental services for efficient transport. Due to the abundance of business travelers in the region, Paraguay has in place the best services for efficiency and memorable tours.

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