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Touring Haiti with a Rental Car

Haiti, officially identified as the Republic of Haiti is a small country among the numerous Caribbean countries. Haiti is infamous for its poverty, but it does not mean that the country is poor in tourist destinations. If you have plans to tour the country, go straight ahead, there are plenty of things to see as a tourist.

Interesting facts about Haiti- Did you know?

  • Haiti remains world’s oldest republics
  • Employment rate in Haiti is approximately 30%
  • The country has a low level of literacy with illiteracy level standing at 48%
  • It is the poorest densely populated republic in the Western Hemisphere
  • French is the official language of Haiti, but kreyol is widely spoken
  • Catholics make 85% of the religious population of Haiti

How do I get into Haiti?

Haiti is served by a big number of Airways, therefore getting there won’t be a problem at all. Some of the airways include Air France, Air Canada, American Airlines, American Eagle, Haiti Trans Air, Air Caraibes among others. As a tourist from Canada or America, all you need is provide proof of citizenship to enter Haiti. Visas are also not mandatory for citizens from Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and all Caricom countries.

What about public transport?

There is a wide variety of transport means for anyone travelling in Haiti. Some of the most common transport means include tap-taps, which are bright colored flatbed trucks and minibuses. Public taxis are also available in plenty. There are also full size buses, but these operate between major cities.

Car hire in Haiti

If you would like to tour Haiti comprehensively, the best thing would be to rent a car. There are numerous car rental companies that are certain to provide you with cheap car hire services. Public means of transport might be cheaper, but quite inconveniencing especially when you have to wait for the bus or truck travelling towards your destination.

Can I exchange currency in Haiti?

It is possible to exchange currency in Haiti. Haitian currency is known as gourde in French, and Goud in Kreyol. Currency is available in both notes and coins. You have to exchange your currency at banks or authorized currency exchange bureaus. If you would like to rent a car at the airport, or pay for a taxi among other services, it would be best to come with ready Haitian currency.

Best time to visit Haiti?

The best time to visit the country is from November through March. The rainy season is usually in May through to July, but the rains do not last long. However, you must be careful about the Hurricane season that sets in from July and goes to October.

What can I see in Haiti?

Although Haiti is a poverty stricken country, there are plenty of tourist attractions to keep one occupied for your stay here. It is advisable that you rent a car and tour the country at your own pace, and affordably. There are plenty of breathtaking destinations that include;

  • Mole saint Nicolas
  • Hinche
  • Port au Prince
  • Cap Haitien
  • Jacmel among many others.

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