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Estonia Travel and Car rental Guide

Then republic of Estonia is located in northern Europe's Baltic region. The capital of Estonia is the city of Tallinn. Owing to the small size of Estonia, it is only inhibited by not more than 1.3 million Estonians.

How do I get into Estonia?

It is possible to get to Estonia by bus, plane or car. The ideal way is by plane as there are direct flights from major parts of the world to Estonia airports. You can drive to Estonia through Finland and Sweden or get there by sea as the capital is by the seaside. The train is also another way of getting to Estonia as you marvel at the beauty of the world.

What accommodation options are there in Estonia?

There is a wide array of accommodation facilities to select from. They vary from hotels to guest houses and even youth hostels. There are cheap motels in which you can spend the night or you can choose to camp at campsites or hire a caravan. Some of these accommodation facilities will offer breakfast with a variety of facilities to be enjoyed by guests.

What attractions has Estonia got to offer?

Estonia offers a variety of landscape and culture and this is what makes it an ideal travel destination. Some of the places to visit include the Estonia islands like the Muhu Island, the Vormsi Island, and the Ruhnu Island where you can enjoy some peace as you learn how the people of Estonia lived in the old ages.

You can enjoy the Estonia dance and song festival as you visit the old city of Tallinn. There are plenty of attractions to the north of Estonia like the Lehemaa national park, and the Ida-Viru hills where mining takes place. You can explore the swamps and the Tallinn open air museum among others. Visit the monasteries, castles and museums throughout Estonia. There are lots of places you can shop for souvenirs too.

What options do I have for transportation?

Estonia boasts of great infrastructure and ferry connections to the various islands. This is what makes it convenient to travel in Estonia.

Public Transport

The buses are most convenient if you only want to travel through a few places in Estonia. Buses in Estonia’s smaller towns normally stop in town centers while they will stop at bus stops in bigger towns.

Taxis are also a convenient way to move around Estonia. In the past, taxis in Estonia have been notorious for charging exorbitant fares especially to foreigners, but it has been said that the situation is improving. Taxis are available throughout the towns and cities.

Car hire

This is the most convenient way to tour Estonia. When you rent a car, you don’t have to wait at bus or train stations and you will avoid getting into an argument with a taxi driver over the fare prices. The infrastructure in Estonia is above average and driving your private car is a pleasurable experience.

When you hire a car, you can start your tours early in the morning and end them late at night. You are also at liberty to enjoy the night life in Estonia to whatever time you please.  It is also possible to rent a car from the airport upon arrival and you need not worry about fueling your car rental as gas is cheap here and the petrol stations are open all day every day.

Cheap car hire agencies are also available throughout Estonia so you should not worry if you are here on a budget.

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