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’s South and North Attractions

If you are searching for a country with a distinctive shape, Chile is your pick. It is the longest country in the world with a lengthy coastline. It has a diverse topography and climate featuring a desert in the north, Mediterranean, subtropical, coastal, alpine tundra and glaciers. The country has numerous forest regions and a string of volcanoes not to mention the lakes. Do you know that Chile is the eighth largest producer of wine? Anyone planning to tour Chile is bound to enjoy a variety of the worlds’ top wines at affordable cost.

’s south coast

Tourists love the Chile offshore Islands with its peninsulas and canals. There are spectacular regions in this part of southern Chile too. You will find forests, volcanoes and lakes. At Beagle Channel, there is the beautiful site of glaciers and ocean waters. If you are a marine tourist, you will find numerous sea animals in the ocean including penguins, seals and fish varieties. The southern parts also have deep forestation with various species of conifers and beeches. You can tour the Nahuelbuta National Park and the Torres del Paines National park among others.

The coast hosts the historic Easter Island and World Heritage port city of Valparaiso. Numerous beach towns of Chile experience peak tourism seasons in summer. During this time, hotels and car rental services are at their peak. Visitors throng the casinos, and resorts for unbeatable entertainment. It is also a hot spot for sea sports and the unrivaled song festival.

The Northern eco diversity

Chile’s north is home to the driest desert of the world; the San Pedro de Atacama. Enriched with mineral resources, the desert produces copper and nitrates. It also has dry valleys and oases. Northern parts of Chile include desert vegetation of cacti, pies and beeches. The north is a tourist attraction for its architecture, altiplano lakes, Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes. Tourists enjoy staying at the exclusive ski resorts.

Diverse cultures

Chile’s population has natives with European backgrounds. There are Irish, Spanish, and English immigrants; you will also find those with Italian, Swiss, Croatian, French, and German origins. Most of the population comprises of Native American groups like the Mapuchue, Aymara, Atacameno and Diaguita from the northern region. In Chile, you will find all kinds of Christian groups including, Baptists, Methodists, SDA, Orthodox and Lutherans. Most of the population is largely Catholic.

Touring the big cities of Chile

Among the top ten cities of Chile are; Santiago Metropolis, Greater Concepcion, Valparaiso, La Serena, Antofagasta, Greater Temuco and Talca. Within these cities, you will find top tourist attractions. For instance, Santiago has a vibrant night life with top joints and festivals. Visitors touring the main city also find the San Cristoball hill, Concha Y Toro Winery, and the Santiago cathedral.  

Car Rental in Chile

For the best tour to the top attractions in the cities, you need a convenient mode of transport such as car hire. There are numerous car rental agencies for all groups of travelers. If you prefer to save on transport costs, the cheap car hire services of Santiago will save you money. More so, you could save by hiring a car on weekly basis. Well, there are also taxis and buses available, but using them would not give you freedom to fully explore Chile.

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