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Iquique Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Iquique Airport

Iquique Airport Car RentalTouring Chile through Iquique Airport

Diego Aracena International Airport is the main Airport in the city of Iquique Chile, with Iquique being the capital city of the Chilean region of Tarapacá. The airport lies 48 km south of Iquique. There are many flights everyday to Santiago, as well as other major Chilean cities.

Do I need a visa to enter the country?

You will need a 90 day tourist visa when entering the country. This should not stress you too much, since you can get it after arriving in the country through any airport. You can also renew the visa when you want to visit the country again, or you can pay approximately $ 100 and have it renewed at the immigration office. A temporary residence visa is valid for one year.

Can I exchange currency at the airport?

The airport is in Chile, meaning you are required to have some Chilean pesos with you. It is possible to exchange your money for these at the airport. ATMs are also available here, but there are always queues. It is advisable that you come with some ready pesos with you if you would like to pay for services like car rental, taxis among other things. Alternatively, consider paying for them online since many car rental and taxi companies provide that.

What forms of ground transportation are available?

There are plenty of ground transportation means from the airport to the city of Iquique and other surrounding towns. Some of the transport means include;

  • Private cars
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Taxis
  • Car rental
  • Airport/hotel shuttles

You get various transport means from which you can choose, depending on your tastes and preferences. Private cars are convenient if you would like to travel in style. Taxis can also take you from destination to destination; the drivers speak and understand a number of languages so you are not likely to have a language barrier. Trains and buses are cheap, but the buses use the main roads. Airport and hotel courtesy shuttles simply take you to your destination, usually a hotel.

Car rental is the best travel option for a tourist who wants to tour as many destinations as possible. There are plenty of cheap car hire service providers who even allow tourists to rent a car online. The city of Iquique is 48 km from this airport, meaning there is plenty to see along the way. Rent a car and have the freedom to explore the different attractions along the way.

What are the sights here?

The city of Iquique is sometimes labeled The Miami of Chile owing to its clear, clean warm water beaches and the picturesque palm trees along its coast. It is a city popular to Surfers and Paragliders, hence the perfect place if you are one of those. It also boasts of plenty of ancient historical buildings like the Theatro Municipal of 1889. The Municipal Theater houses plenty of events. If you love shopping, Mall Zofri Iquique remains one top standard shopping destination.

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Iquique Airport car rental reviewIquique Airport car rental reviewIquique Airport car rental reviewIquique Airport car rental review


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