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Arica Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Arica

Arica Airport Car RentalTouring Chile through Arica Chacalluta Airport

Arica is a Chilean city, and the main international airport in the city is known as Chacalluta International Airport. It lies 18.5 km to the northeast of Arica. The airport is in Chile, and the language spoken in the country is Spanish. You should not be demoralized if you cannot speak Spanish. This is because service providers at the airport like car rental companies, taxi operators among others speak a wide range of foreign languages.

Do I need any special currency in Arica?

The official currency used in Arica is the Chilean peso. It is advisable that you exchange your currency before embarking on your journey to Chile through Arica Chacalluta Airport. This is possible online, and it ensures that you do not struggle paying for services at the airport. The exchange rates at the airport are usually very high.

When exchanging currency, ensure that you are not issued with the larger peso bills. Pulling large bills to pay for small expenses like taxi fare or ice cream is always met with a frown at the city. Instead, reserve those for car rental or hotel reservation.

What is the best travel means from the airport?

There are plenty of travel options from the Arica Chacalluta airport, but car rental remains the best transport means. This is because the city of Arica is quite a distance away, and there are plenty of destinations a tourist can see along the way. If you have rent a car, it is going to be easier using car hire services. Cheap car hire companies are also available here for those under a tight budget. Other transport means include;

  • Taxi
  • Hotel Shuttles
  • Buses and coaches
  • Limousines and private cars
  • Trains
What do I need to drive a rental car?

Car rental in Arica is an everyday thing, but there are a number of things you need to understand about driving in the region. The speed limit in towns is 60 km/h, and outside them is 100-120km/h. The roads are a bit poor. However, this does not mean that you can not rent a car and enjoy your tour. The cost of fuel gets higher the further you go from the city and it is advisable that you fill up at the city before travelling to far off destinations.

You have to carry with you all relevant car documents, driving license, passports among other necessary documents, just in case you run into trouble. There are many police stations where you can get help in case you have problems.

What about tourist destinations?

Arica is a pleasant and charming Chilean port city that boasts of plenty of tourist attractions. Its scenic beauty along with ancient tradition makes it a popular tourist destination. The summers are always pleasant for visiting, and so is the winter, since the region experiences a marine tropical weather. Some of the destinations to see in Arica are;

  • Arica sea Museum
  • Lake Chungara
  • Morro de Arica
  • House of Culture
  • Artisan Village among others.

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