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Antofagasta Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Antofagasta

Antofagasta Airport Car RentalTouring Antofagasta

Antofagasta is a city in Chile, and the main airport in the region is known as Cerro Moreno International Airport. The airport lies 10 km to the north of the city, and it handled a record 1,000,000 passengers in the year 2011. Antofagasta is a port city renowned for its mining activities, and it lies 1,130 km north of Santiago. It is the capital city of the Antofagasta Province. The city of Antofagasta is a driving distance 24.0 km away from the airport.

Is it an international airport?

The airport is considered international, because it has international immigration and customs, along with police services. It is important that you find out what you can carry with you before starting your journey through this airport. There are some things which are not allowed in the airport like;

  • Firearms unless they are for sporting purposes and have a permit
  • Obscene literature and objects
  • Electrical, electronic and optical equipment
  • Pets without proper vaccination certificates among other things.
How do I travel from the Airport?

There is a wide array of transport options from Cerro Moreno International Airport. Trains, buses, taxis and cars are the most common means of transport. There is also a port if you would like to travel by sea. You need to note that there is no railway station at the airport, and you have to travel a distance to the railway station.

For a tourist, taxis, private cars in the form of black sedans or car rental provide the best transport means to the city of Antofagasta. Car rental companies are not going to let you down, because they can be accessed online. Additionally, there is a wide variety of them offering cheap car hire services. Since the city is quite a distance away, it would be wise to rent a car and drive as you get to see a couple of destinations along the way.

Can I find a hotel at the Airport?

The airport does not have a hotel. You will be required to travel to the city where you can get many of them. The city has got plenty of them to suit the tastes of all types of tourists. Most of them provide free car parking services in case you would like to rent a car. Some of the top hotels include;

  • Radisson hotel Antofagasta
  • Diego Del Almagro Costanera Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Hotel Antofagasta among many others.
What tourist attractions can I see in the city?

Antofagasta is a destination that attracts plenty of tourists from all over the world. It boasts of renowned attractions like the city’s Regional Museum. It houses plenty of archeological things including fossils and minerals. Chacabuco is an abandoned town where you can see plenty of ancient structures and buildings.

Portada de Antafogasta is a rock formation of exquisite beauty, and one that is worth visiting. Being a mining city, there are mining related attractions worth seeing which include Minas de Plata. Minas del Plata is a silver refining plant dating back to the 19th century. La Escodida Mine is situated in the Andes Mountains and it’s worth visiting too. There are beaches too, like the Playa Hornitos Beach.

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