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Calama Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Calama

Calama Airport Car RentalCalama off Airport-Getaway link to Geological and Archeological Sites

Calama off airport in Chile is a crucial link to the amazing attractions and wonders of Chile. Situated in the Calama city, the airport hosts thousands of passengers every year. It is an ultra modern facility with the services typical of any world class airport. These include; comfortable lounges, customer care desks, gift shops and conference facilities - just to mention a few. While at the airport, you will also find crucial information and maps in case you need to travel around Chile.

You can get tour services and complimentary car rental operators for all kinds of travelers. The airport is located 6km from the city center. Whether you are alone, in a group or a couple, you will find domestic flights by LAN, PAL and Sky airlines to get you to your destination. If you are travelling on business, there are taxis for airport transfers. Shuttle buses are the preferred form of public transport.

What is unique about Calama?

Calama features among the driest cities of the world. It has interesting desert features including geological treasures. You will find one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world. The city has significant silver deposits, saltpeter and guano. It is also home to the Andes Mountain Range. The city has a cold desert climate with variations in summer and winter. A comfortable car hire service has air conditioned vehicles for your comfort as you travel

Tourists visiting Calama enjoy the historical sites for pre Columbian attractions. There are petroglyphs and caves in the Eastern parts of Calama city for your archeological quest. To get there, find a good car rental company for your tour. You will also find the Copper Mummy and ancient remains at Chuquicamata. Learn about the history of Calama including the pre Hispanic period from the museums around the city. There are details of the Spanish colonial era and influence within the historic sites. You also learn about the trade routes across the desert as you stop over at Calama.

How do you find the cheapest flights to Calama?

Make early reservations for your flights online. For the cheapest deals across all airlines, simply check online links enter your preferred travel dates and destinations then compare the cost. You will find flight information by searching the airline links for special offers. Travel agencies at the airport will help you fund the best deal. You will find the enlisted airlines with their price offers for one-way and return flights. These have amazing discount rates of up to 50%.

Where can you stay when in Calama

In case you need accommodation for overnight or days, there are numerous options. You will find affordable and world class hotels that match your needs. Among the best hotels near Calama Airport is the Park hotel which is just 2 miles from the airport. The Ayelen Apart Hotel and Diego De Almagro are also close to the port. To get to the top hotels, use reliable car hire transportation available from the airport. The car hire firms have affordable discount rates for group travelers.

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