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Cape Verde Car Rental | Car Hire in Cape Verde

Every year more and more tourist visit Cape Verde to enjoy the absolute beauty of the islands. It is formed by 10 main islands and 8 islets. On the main Islands of Cape Verde offers different car categories from cheap economy cars to big Suv.

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Explore Cape Verde by renting a car !

Cape Verde is amongst the well known Macaronesia Islands in the Atlantic Ocean 500km from the West African Coast.  It, like many African countries, enjoys amazing climate of warm dry summers and light showers in mid-year.

Why Cape Verde

For one, the climate, that alone will make you hesitant about leaving the area. Also, you will never get bored with all the places and cities that you must visit; one just as enchanting as the next. Cape Verde is also home to great beaches and entertaining water sports that you can either watch or go ahead and learn.

While you’re there…

There is so much you could do; from visiting the cities, to going on walks in the islands. Visit Fogo; home to an active volcano that has formed a most unique view of the land. If you’re a fun of beautiful plants and flowers there is a whole island with a mixture of trees and flowers that will take your breath away.  Cidade Velha, a historical town, is a place where you will find that Cape Verde is not only beaches and energy but also a country with a great story to tell. In able to see everything of Cape Verde it is recommendable to hire a car.

How you will get there

From all corners of the world, there are air planes going to Cape Verde. You can fly in any time as long as you have the right documentation. You could also get there by boat but it is available very few times and because of this it is also expensive.

What you will need to access the country

Like most places, you will be required to have a passport and a visa. The Cape Verde embassies are not present in all countries and it is, therefore, possible to acquire a visa while already in the country. This option is only available to those who do not have an embassy in their countries.


You will not lack a place to sleep in this country for there are hotels and guest houses on every island. The most luxurious hotels are in the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. The cost of this accommodation depends on the area and the extravagance of the hotel or guest house you will be staying in.

Rent a car and get the full experience of being in Cape Verde

There are planes and boats that will take you from isle to isle but you could simply hire a car and avoid the expense of going by air or the trouble of booking boats. Cape Verde is a really sunny place with an amazing breeze from the ocean so you would not believe how liberating to hire a car and drive around with your top down is. With a rented car, you could travel different islands by use of a ferry. Also liberating is the fact that with a hired car you could travel at any time and depending on the car hired, you could travel at ease with any number of people. 

Car rental tips for Cape Verde

Traffic rules

Traffic moves on the right side of the road.
At roundabouts, cars inside the circle have the right-of-way.
At intersections, vehicles on the right have the right-of-way.
Children under 12 must sit in the back seat.
The speed limit is 80 km per hour on the highways and 50 km per hour in urban areas.

Additional traffic information

During the rainy season, cobblestone roads are especially slippery and mud; rockslides are common on roads that cut through mountains.
The insurance disk must be displayed on the car windscreen.
Drivers must carry all their documentation including insurance and passport.
Drivers should pay the fine only at the central police station.


GPS systems are not availabe in Cape Verde

Ferry Travel

Rental cars are not allowed to travel to other islands.




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