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Savor The Beauty Of Botswana with a Car hire

Botswana is a fairly large country in southern Africa covering about 600,300 sq kilometers with its vibrant capital city Gaborone.  Most of this land is covered by the Kalahari Desert.

Why Botswana

Botswana is a country that screams adventure. It is filled with incomprehensible beauty and covered with absolutely charming climate that is mostly sub tropical. Its deserts are vast and dotted with magnificent oasis. The wildlife is diverse accommodating all sorts of mammals, birds and aquatic life. For instance, the Okavango Delta region, the largest delta, which floods in the rainy season, creates a maze of water which snakes through the area.

Activities to dive in!

Botswana, is known for its game reserves, therefore, visiting a few of them is something you must do while you’re there. These include the Kalahari and Chobe National Reserves and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park that borders South Africa. The history documented in the museums shows how deep the local culture is from its ancient empires to its existing culture exhibited by the friendly people of Botswana.


They range from five star hotels to guest houses.  Among those, safari camps, private lodges and public camping sites. You will find a variety of local delicacies, modern and foreign foods that you will surely enjoy. The city also has acceptable services for small business errands.

What you will need to get there

A passport is required of anyone travelling to Botswana but a visa is fortunately not. It is advised that you check if a transit visa will be required for you to trust that you will have no problem getting from one place to another.

How to get to Botswana  

Most people prefer to use planes to get there but other means such as buses are available if you were already in the continent.

Transportation and Car Hire in Botswana

You can visit all your destinations by road. This can be done by bus but buses do not give you the option of getting into the interior. A service that gives you this is that of car rental.

Car hire lets you freely visit all the game reserves hustle free with the use of 4 wheel drives. The car rental services in Botswana also have a program that lets you cross the bordes by signing a permit for you when you rent their cars. This is hardly available with other services.

Botswana as previously mentioned is a large country and it would be very expensive to use services such as those of taxis to get you exactly where you want to go as compared to using a car hire company.

Car rental services offer you the freedom of visiting anywhere within the country without the inconvenience of depending on other people. It is also not time restricted as public service vehicles would be. Moreover, this does not even take into account the safety of not having to hire a stranger to drive you and maybe your family around.

Car rental services offer you both diversity and convenience.

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