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Get Around Sudan by Renting a Car

Sudan is the third largest country in Africa. It is bordered by Egypt and Kenya to the south.

Why Sudan?

Despite the civil wars in the Sudan, this country is generally a very beautiful country. To the north there are mountains and deserts and historical sites that show the remains of once majestic empires such as that of the Cush. This is where you will find farms of the glorious date palms among other exotic fruits and vegetables. The people of Sudan are very firm about there culture, but are generally very friendly. This is one of the countries where petty crimes are a myth. Sudan is like an Arabian story coming to life.

What does it have to offer?

You should definitely visit the historical sites in the north that depict stories of past glories and loyalties. The historical sites take you back to the times long before colonization. There are amazing cultural sites and festivals to the south of the country. You should also visit the famed land of the Seti.

How to get there

You could get there by air which is very convenient and fast. There is also the option of driving in from the bordering countries. This would probably cost less than jetting into the country. Though it is advisable not to go through some areas in the central region of the country where they still may be tribal clashes, the country is safe. There is also a train from Ethiopia that will get you there. You could take a boat from Egypt to Wadi Halfa. From the boat, you will be able to see some scenic views.

What do you need to enter the country?

A passport and a visa and it would be safe to have an invitation letter from your embassy. The visas to Sudan are hard to acquire and even when you do, they do not come cheap. However, it is not impossible to acquire one; you just have to follow the right procedures.


The main towns and cities have affordable accommodation depending on the services the hotels have to offer. The hotels range all the way from open house accommodation to five star hotels and the price range is just as wide. If you are in a rural area, it is safe to camp out in the open which is a very common activity by the way.

Getting around Sudan by Car hire or Public Transport

It is important to note that with any form of travelling, you will need a permit from the government. In Sudan, you can travel by train, by air or by road. Obviously, road is the cheapest, fastest and safest way to travel around the country. Sadly, public transport is not entirely reliable. Therefore car hire would be the best way to tour the country. This way, you can get around conveniently. You can even get cheap car hire services if you are operating on a tight budget. Also, with car rental services, you have the liberty to tour the country at your own pace compared to public means of transport. With car hire, you can get access to places that would be hard to access by other modes of transport. Simply hire a car and explore Sudan in style.

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