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Touring the Magnificent St Kitts Islands with a Rental Car

St Kitts, also identified as saint Christopher Island is among the many West Indies Islands. St Kitts borders the Caribbean Sea on the west, while its east coast looks straight into the Atlantic Ocean It is one of the numerous Leeward Islands in the Archipelago known as the Lesser Antilles. This is one lush and luxuriant destination with an exotic tropical climate.

How do tourists get around the island?

By Public Transport

There is a diversity of ways to travel around this amazing Island. There are plenty of taxis, many of which you can hail at anytime of the day. They are convenient travel means, particularly if you would like to ask a couple of questions as you tour the Island. However, they are expensive particularly when traveling to far off destinations.

By Car Hire

If you would like to rent a car, understand that you will be expected to drive on the left. The car rental companies are always helpful when it comes to driving. This remains the best travel method if you can drive on the left, which is not very difficult anyway. There are plenty of cheap car hire service providers, who will be on hand to provide you with the specific car model you would like to have.

It is possible to rent a scooter just like you can rent a car. However, if they do not suit your style, consider boarding a public bus. They operate on a daily basis, but might be inconvenient since they do not have set departure hours. On the other hand, they only user the main roads, hence are inconvenient if you would like to go deeper into the Island.

Can I drive in St Kitts?

You can drive on the Island, but again, you must remember to drive on the left hand side. The Island boasts of roads that are in excellent condition. Roadside assistance is usually not widely available. You should also have a locally provided driving permit. You can get this from Basseterre, a fire station. You can also get it from a police station, and you pay a fee to get it, among other requirements. Ask the car rental company about how to go about the whole thing.

What currency should I go to St Kitts with?

The currency used in St Kitts is known as the Eastern Caribbean dollar, abbreviated as EC$. However, U.S dollars, major credit cards and traveler’s checks are also widely accepted. It is advisable that you exchange your currency in banks and authorized exchange bureaus.

Can I speak English in St Kitts?

English is the official language of spoken on the Island. It is an island located in the British side of West Indies.

What about tourist destinations?

The Island boasts of a wide array of tourist attractions like beaches and tropical rainforests. As a tourist however, do not take photos of residents in their homes. It is viewed awfully rude to do so. Along with the breathtaking beaches and the numerous sports you can indulge in, there are other things you can see on this island. Some of these are the sugar mills that scatter all around the island, the Brimstone Hill Fortress along with a wide array of ancient churches.

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