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Cross border with the rented car

Please note that if you intend to travel across country or state borders, restrictions may apply. Such cross-border charges may be applied at the rental desk.

The best rent a car prices

Rentalcargroup is a price comparison website for all mayor and smaller car rental companies in Singapore which means we can offer you the best car rental deals. Please be advised that prices and car availability constantly changes, therefore the longer you wait with reserving your car, the more expensive it gets.

Drive your rental car in Singapore

Driving around in the city of Singapore with a rental car can be a hassle but not impossible. Its a good way to move around but we advise to have a look at the local traffic rules as they may vary with what you are used to. Take in mind that in rush hour traffic can be pretty dense and it can take longer before you reach your destination.

What documentation do I need to rent a car in Singapore

A valid driving license in the name of the main driver and additional drivers is required, held for a minimum year requirement. An International License is also required, along with your own home license if you are renting out of the country where your home license was issued. Please always check in your own country for full details and requirements on where to obtain one. Also a credit card in the name of the main driver is needed when you want to rent a car.

Park your rental car in Singapore

Parking your rental car in Singapore can best be done in a garage. Its safer for you and your rental car. There might be the possibility to park your rental car in the outskirts of Singapore and move around by public transportation which is not too expensive and will compensate for the parking fee you will need to pay if parking in the city center. Take in mind that many big cities have a city center only accessible for locals or delivery purposes.

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Singapore Day and Night

Found is south East Asia, Singapore is an island country made up of 63 islands. This is a developed country with an amazing day and night life. It is the third amongst high per capita incomes of the world. Its population is over 3 million and you will find a diverse cultural combination featuring the Chinese, Malaysians and Indians.  The highly urbanized country has a lot of attractions for tourists from all over the world. You will find:

  • Museums and galleries
  • Colonial sites
  • Landmarks
  • Parks
  • Theme parks
  • Temples and churches
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Casinos
Getting around Singapore by Car Hire or Public Transport

Travelling across Singapore requires a reliable form of transport. There are car rental services and taxis and you will also find public transportation.  Visitors tour Singapore for cruise tours, sightseeing, theme attractions and business tours. This is a favorite destination because it has affordable services including cheap car hire, rental units and resorts. To travel to great shopping sites like the Chinatown, Geylang, Clarke Quay and Riverside, you need an authorized car hire company so that you do not collide with the authorities. Find ultra modern shopping centers along the Bay, harbor, Arab streets and Indian regions.

 Among the activities, you will enjoy during the day in Singapore are:

  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Touring
  • Nature tours
  • Cruise tours
  • Beyond border tours
  • Sports
  • Spas and massage parlors
  • Sky ride

Singapore is a haven of interesting activities. you can visit different locations; East Coast, Chinatown, Marina Bay, Little India, Bintan Island, Kampong Glam, outlying islands and Clarke Quay & Riverside. The list of amazing places is endless. All you need is a reliable car rental service or taxi to go to your desired destination. You will find numerous high class hotels from which you can choose. Find family convenient accommodation and suits for couples. Whether you are on a private tour or in a group tour, Singapore has so much to offer for all.

Night life in Singapore

Singapore has joints for you to wine and dine in style. You will find amazing restaurants, discotheques and cool joints with the right atmosphere. There are theme parks to entertain you and you will find couples strolling in the safety of the night.

If you prefer to ride or cruise in the night, there are car hire services and cruise ships for tourists. If you wish, you could travel to CDB joints and combine with Marine Bay or East Coast. A taste of all regions makes a difference. Add value to your life by finding hotels with wellness centers to pamper you in the spas.

You will find all kinds of restaurants with Mandarin, Chinese, Indian and international menus. A good tour advisor will include cheap car hire services to help you access any place at your pleasure.

In case you need more cash; there are numerous safe ATM and exchange bureaus to serve you. Most joints accept visa mode of payment so you can have uninterrupted fun. Occasionally, you will find events and festivals happening in Singapore. It is a great idea to look out for such entertainments for a unique experience in Asia.

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Facts about car rental in Singapore

  • Last month, the average car rental length in Singapore was 0 days.
  • The average rental car length in Singapore is 0 days.
  • The most booked rental car type currently in Singapore is cars.
  • Last year, the most booked rental car type in Singapore were cars.
  • How much does it cost to rent a car in Singapore? Last month, the average car rental price was 0 USD.
  • Last year, how much did it cost to rent a car in Singapore? Last year, the average car rental price was 0 USD.
  • What is the current average daily price to rent a in Singapore? Last month, the average rental price was NAN USD per day.
  • How much did it cost to rent a car in Singapore over the past 12 months? Last Year, the average rental price was NAN USD per day.
  • The car rental companies available in Singapore are: .

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