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Get Around Senegal with a Rental car

This is a small country in West Africa by the continents ocean line. It is bordered by Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Mauritania. Gambia is almost inside the country’s borders, but with its own coast line. The climate in Senegal is mostly hot and wet.

Why Senegal

This country has such rich history attached to it. Many early civilizations settled around the Senegal River that date back to 3 BC. Some of those early civilizations include Tekrur Kingdom around the 9th century.  There is also the Wolof Empire that formed around the 13th century which was to the south of the country. Senegal was as well a great port to the continents slave trade routine. This country is home to interesting islands that put it in its own class.

While your there

You must visit the country’s capital city, Dakar, which is a hub of historical information that is very interesting to say the least. Touba the center of a religious brotherhood will open your eyes to the diversity of culture and religions. The people who live in this area have a way of life that is just interesting. Senegal has busy ports and harbors that will certainly interest you. Not to mention all the shopping you could do in areas such as Matam and Palmarin. You must also visit the curiously beautiful islands of Joal, Ile de Goree , and Karabane among others. You will not have been to Senegal if you do not visit the world heritage Stone Circles in Nioro du Rip and Ker Batch. There also nature reserves such as Niokolo-Koba and Reserve de Palmarine.

How to get there

There are direct flights from the USA, Europe and some states in Africa. Getting there by plane would be easy and convenient. You may also get there by car though that could be a bit of a hustle since Senegalese laws do not allow importation of cars more than five years old. There was a railway line that was built during colonialism though it does not function so you can not use that.

What you will need

When you want to travel to this country, you might not be required to get a visa, but a passport is a must have for all the visitors. The passports need to be valid. For more information about the documents, you need to visit Senegalese Embassy in your state.


There is reliable accommodation in the country as it is a tourist destination. This means you can get a place to stay throughout the country.

Travelling within Senegal by public transport or Car hire

The most common means of internal transport is road; taxis and buses. There are also cheap car hire services in the area. Car hire companies are available at the airports and there are even more in the city. Most car rental companies are found within the capital city though you may get lucky and find some in MBour and Saly Portudal.  Hiring a car will assure that you travel at your own convenient time and with a hired car you can visit the Fathala Reserves and have the pleasure of driving yourself around.  The car rental companies are reliable and also your best option.

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