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Dakar Airport Leopold Sedor Senghor Car Rental | Car Hire in Dakar Airport Leopold Sedor Senghor

Dakar Airport Leopold Sedor Senghor Car RentalDakar Airport Leopold Sedor Senghor

Formerly known as the Aéroport International de Dakar Yoff, this is the international airport that serves Senegal’s capital and is situated in the North town of Dakar, Yoff. Its name was changed in honor of Senegal’s first president Leopold Sédar Senghor. This airport has the ability to handle to maximum, jets of the same size as the Boeing 747. The closes airport to Dakar airport is Blaise Diagne airport, located 45 Kilometers from Leopold Sédor Senghor’s inland. This airport has the ability to hold about 3million passengers each year.

Leopold Sédar Senghor Airport Transportation

The airport has several transportation options available to and from the airport. However, the best transportation mode from the airport is by car hire. It is possible to rent a car at the Leopold Sédar Senghor airport since there are several car hire companies at the airport. Car hire is the cheapest and most comfortable transportation option for you from the airport. You will find a car hire company that has the ideal car rental to suit your needs. Once you hire a car, the best route from the airport is via Route de l'Aeroport because it is the easiest way to reach Dakar.

Leopold Sédar Senghor Airport facilities

The Leopold Sedar Senghor airport is home to Senegal airlines head office as well as the Agence Nationale de l'Aviation Civile du Senegal head office. Air Senegal international also once had its head office there. The airport also homes the French Dakar-Ouakam air forces which also forms the airports military section.

The airport was several times used as a stopover between Southern Africa and North America, and it all started in 2004 when Delta airlines started flights between Johannesburg and Atlanta and Dakar as the intermediate stop. Although the stop was removed; the flights to Washington-IAD to Johannesburg still use the Leopold Sédar Senghor airport as a stop.

Leopold Sédar Senghor airport Airlines destinations

Leopold Sédar Senghor airport has several airlines that go to different destinations around the world. Below are some of them:

  • Kenya Airways: Nairobi, Abidjan and Bamako.
  • Emirates: Dubai.
  • Delta Airlines: JFK-New York.
  • Air Italy: Milan-Malpensa.
  • Arik-Air: Lagos, Freetown and Banjul.
  • Air France: Paris to Charles de Gaulle.
  • Royal Air Maroc: Casablanca.
  • South African Airways: Dulles, Washington and Johannesburg.
  • Tunisair: Tunis.
  • Turkish Airlines: Istanbul-Atatürk.
  • Ethiopian Airlines: Lomé and Addis Ababa.
  • Brussels Airlines: Brussels.
  • Iberia: Banjul.

These are some of the airlines Leopold Sédar Senghor airport has. The airport also has charter airlines that go to various destinations. They are:

  • Air Méditerranée: Goes to Paris to Charles de Gaulle, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Toylouse.
  • Luxair: goes to Luxembourg
Leopold Sédar Senghor airport cargo lines
  • The airport also has several cargo lines to different destinations. They are:
  • Lufthansa Cargo: Guadalajara, Campinas, Buenos-Aires to Ezeiza
  • LAN Cargo: Santiago de Chile, Amsterdam and Colombo
  • Med Airlines: Casablanca
  • Emirates Sky Cargo: Frankfurt, Campinas and Dubai

The others are ULS Cargo that goes to Istanbul to Atatürk and Cargo airline for Air France that goes to Paris- Charles de Gaulle.

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