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Discover Exciting Panama with a Car Rental

Panama is a great place to visit for business and pleasure. Every year the country receives over one million tourists from Europe, Asia, America and other regions of the world. As a center of tourist attraction, it has hot spots that draw people to its different corners. The historical Panama canal is a significant link between the US and Latin America. Panama is a competitive economy in the Latin American region. The country has a remarkable jungle with a huge biodiversity.  Tourists are sure to enjoy a wide variety of plants, animal and bird species.

Do you fancy beach tourism?

Panama has the most interesting beach life. Its capital Panama City has a spectacular sight at the beach. You will find an impressive sight for the best vacation activities. White sand beach and snowbirds spot the region. The Panama City beach has numerous attractions including the Water Planet educational site. This is an ideal family tour destination. Kids will find amusement at the Coconut Creek Fun Park. You will also find exclusive golf courses like Hombre, and Camp Creek. Panama zoos have diverse animals and its recreational parks are excellent or jogging and nature walks. The beach has a host of family recreational centers.

Exclusive mountain ranges

Panama’s mountain ranges vary with the geography. The country has a mountainous and hilly landscape. In the Veraguas province you will easily spot the crater rim near Santa Fé. Towards the Colombian border you will find Andean highlands. The Cordillera de Talamanca on Costa Rican border and Sierra de Veraguas are just part of these ranges. Volcán Barú is the highest point of Panama.

Lakes and Rivers

Panama’s terrain is described by 500 rivers crisscrossing its landscape. The Chagres River in central regions is a formidable sight and it is a major source of hydroelectric power in Panama. You will spot rivers in the valleys, within mountain ranges and around the coastal plains. In total it has over 300 rivers; navigable and non navigable types. The country has lakes, dams and basins. Within its coastline, you will find several harbors and canals. The famous port of Balboa is popular for commercial activities in the region.

Travel and car hire tips for Panama

Tropical Panama has hot and humid temperatures. If you are planning for a tour to its coastal region, you cannot escape the warm breeze at night. As you enjoy the vibrant night life, you can take a stroll along the safer regions. Often, you will experience thunderstorms hence check with a reliable forecast for the expected weather patterns. Having a car hire contact will save you the hustle of getting stranded in the midst of the rainy season.

If you are traveling to the mountainous region, ensure that you carry warm clothing. Highlands tend to have colder climates. The same applies to the forest and swampy areas. In order to enjoy your stay in Panama, learn some basic Spanish. This will help you in communication. Inquire about the available cheap car hire services, tour companies and special rates if you plan to save on your budget. As it is, car rental services are by far the most convenient way to tour Panama.

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