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Panama City Tocumen Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Panama City Tocumen Airport

Panama City Tocumen Airport Car RentalStrategically located on the isthmus separating North and South America, Panama is a Central American city on the most important shipping trade route in the world. The city has access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and is a huge tourist attraction.  The country is becoming very popular as a retirement destination and there is much to see and do there.  Car rental is one of the best ways to get around when you arrive.

The Panama Canal is one of the premier tourist hotspots in Panama City. Built more than 100 years ago, it still mesmerises everyone who visits it. You can easily enter it through the Mirafloures Locks and catch a glimpse of the various boats going by this impressive canal. There are numerous entertainment options such as cafes, shopping arcades, theatres and malls and several promenades for evening leisurely walks around the Canal.

Situated in the vicinity of Panama, atop a tiny hillock, the Ba’hai’ House of Worship is a wonderfully erected place of interest. The dome of the structure bears a spherical shape and situated amidst the foliage it looks like a giant egg from above. A place for quiet meditation and prayer, it is one of the most serene locations in Panama.  Make the most of car hire and you will find plenty to see and do in the area.

Also called the Mirafloures Locks, one of the entry points towards the Panama Canal, the Escluses de Mirafloures is a wonderful four-storey structure adjacent to the Canal. It features a museum, nautical information, plazas and beautifully maintained gardens. Moreover, the vantage points on the third and fourth floors make it easy for you to follow the movement of huge sea vessels and offer picturesque views of the Sea.

Essentially a sea wall built as a fortification around the city, the Promenade of Vaults is an ideal place to stroll around and offers you scenic views of the American Bridge, the countryside, the seaside and the Panama Canal. This 300-year old stone structure also consists of a lot of dungeons that are now used as shopping places. Explore this part of the city to your heart’s content with the help of Panama City car hire.

Also the administrative office of Panama City, the Panama Canal Murals are museums which feature various paintings and colourful murals and a grand cupola that is reminiscent of the Panama Canal culture in years gone by.  Use the affordable car rental options that are at your fingertips to explore this part of the city and many more in complete style and comfort.

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