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Nicaragua’s Dynamic Aspects of Tourism

The largest country in Central American isthmus is the Republic of Nicaragua. It has three major zones of the pacific lowlands, central highlands and the Caribbean lowlands. Its landscape includes two large fresh water lakes; the Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. It also has volcanoes, a rift valley and a rich ecosystem. Owing to its abundance in natural resources, the country has a developed tourism industry. Every year, it experiences growth in its tourism. Most of its tourists are from America, Europe and Latin America.

Go wild with jungle tastes

While touring the wilderness, ensure you grab a taste of the Nicaragua cuisine. You will find joints and restaurants serving scrumptious corn, vegetables, rice, and meat dishes. Sample some varieties of coconut dishes and corn drinks like the chichi. Any visitor should have a taste of the national dish-the Gala Pinto.

Adventure lovers will go wild with the unique favors of game meat. If you have not had a taste of meat of various animals such as iguanas, guinea pigs, and turtle eggs, Nicaragua’s expeditions will give you a taste. Healthy conscious people won’t get enough of Nicaragua’s’ fruits and vegetable. Coconuts, papaya, tamarind, avocado, juicy mangoes, bananas, and yuca are some of healthy tastes. Different restaurants serve traditional dishes with spices like pepper, oregano, cilantro and achiote.

Ecotourism and agri-tourism

Nicaragua has natural beauty from its ecosystem as well. Its lakes are ideal environment for fishing, camping, lake views, photography and outdoor group activities. It has most of Central American Volcanic Arc. Within its valleys, you will locate Natural Reserves. Lake Nicaragua is a fresh water lake and has the Nicaraguan sharks. The fertile soils of Nicaragua encourage commercial agriculture. This has been the center of agro tourism as farmers and organizations sponsor tours to Nicaragua. Such visitors want to learn about the modern agricultural efforts in the country.

Urban Tourism

Nicaragua has amazing sites across its major towns. These include Managua, Leon, Tipitapa, Chinandega, Granada, Juigalpa, Estelí, and Masaya.

A visit to Nicaragua’s cities

If you are a cultural tourist, you will find amazing archeological and historical locations in Managua and Leon. Managua is the most populous city with metropolitan facilities. Archeological sites are numerous in Granada and Leon. Northern towns have ideal spots for agritourists.

Nicaragua’s diverse culture demonstrates how the Spanish influence communities in Nicaragua. You will find a blend of cultural backgrounds from the Caribbean, Maya groups, Amerindian, and European influences. These form the Nicaragua culture. Throughout the year you will find dance events, festivals and music by local communities. If you are a business traveler, visits San Juan del Sur for top notch rental units built along the beautiful beach landscape. Private tourists arriving by boat, connect to the city via its natural bay.

Car hire in Nicaragua

Urban tourists understand that Nicaragua is the poorest in the region and second poor in the Hemisphere. This makes it a perfect destination for slum tourism by researchers, humanitarian organizations and governments. To get around such sites, tourists in a group need car hire services for convenience purposes. There are numerous car rental agencies in the cities hence you can get a car whenever you need. They come at affordable rates for visitors where you can also make online reservations for cheap car hire services. Car rental are undoubtedly the best way to get around Nicaragua.

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