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Managua Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Managua Airport

Managua Airport Car RentalManagua International Airport

Nicaragua has two main travel seasons.  There is the rainy season and the dry season.  The weather is dries between January to April, with the wettest parts of the year occurring between May and October.  For fishing, April to July is generally considered the best time to go.   There is a wide range of accommodation available to suit every budget.   There are the Best Western, Crowne Plaza and Hilton hotels, with the Intercontinental Hotel being considered one of the finest hotels available.  Nicaragua is the cultural and political centre of the country and there are a number of different places to visit and enjoy. 

Take advantage of car rental at reasonable rates and see all the great attractiosn the region has to offer. There is the Ruben Dario National Theater, the Victor Romeo Theater and the Justo Rufino Garay Theatre.  There are the entrancing and lively markets of Masaya and historical buildings, such as the Cathedral of Leon, the Church of Jaleva to explore.   There are also a number of national parks and reserves to learn about the unique wildlife of the area.  Outdoor enthusiasts will be captivated by the number of activities there are to excite and interest them.

Isla Zapatera is a national park which is one of the most important archaelogical areas.  You can visit ancient tombs and structures.  A visit to the El Velero beach is also recommended, as is a journey to the Caribbean coast to investigate some of the small ports. Car rental is necessary to enjoy all the attractions at your leisure. Booking online is easy and can be arranged before you travel.

Due to a mixture of religious and native customs, there is a strong custom of fiestas, with each city having their own patron saint.  The fiestas are a time of happiness and joy and usually begin with a parade.  The people are very kind and hospitable and there is a great sense of safety and warmth.  Spanish is a main language and defines the culture, architecture and art of Nicaragua.

Managua International Airport serves as the main airport but it also has a good bus and train network.  If you would really like to immense yourself in the culture there are tours which last 32 to 58 days. The public transport can be very crammed, the people you will meet are very engaging and friendly. The most convenient way to get around the region is by taking advantage of affordable car hire.

Nicaragua is a land of colour, of creativity, of a varied history and of a unique character and charisma.  It is a land of lakes and volcanoes.  Even though it is the largest country in Central America, it is the one less travelled to.  To miss out on this spectacular and inspiring country would be a real shame.

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